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trade compliance issues

5 ways to handle international trade and transport compliance issues

When it comes to compliance issues, international air cargo organizations operate in a dynamic, complex and tricky landscape. They have to deal with a complex…
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Woningcorporaties en hun ERP systemen

In sommige sectoren van de economie is een bepaald type automatiseringssysteem dominant. Vaak is er ook zeer beperkt aantal leveranciers dat dit type systeem aanbiedt.Ook…
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Gartner: Hyperautomation as one of the top technology trends in 2022

Every year, Gartner releases its top strategic technology trends. Below are all the trends on their list for 20221:1. Data Fabric2.  Cybersecurity Mesh3.  Privacy-Enhancing Computation…
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Customs challenges

The top customs challenges in international trade and transport

Trillions of dollars worth of goods are moving around the world on a daily basis. International trade and transportation are critical to the global economy’s…
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ICT achitectuur

Woningcorporaties automatiseren verandering

Bijna alle woningcorporaties zijn digitaal aan het vernieuwen. Maar er is een groot verschil tussen de corporaties die echt een nieuwe weg inslaan via een…
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RPA in Finance

Unlock the RPA potential of your finance department

Automation is not a new phenomenon, and concerns about its potential and consequences have long followed its advancement. The financial divisions have extensively used Robotic…
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time wasters

What are the typical office time-wasters, and how do we overcome them?

“Time is money” might be an annoyingly overused phrase. However, it is essential in the business world and also in our personal life. This blog…
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supply change technology

How will supply chain technology evolve?

Advancing supply chain technology is a must for any logistic organization to stay ahead of the curve. Meanwhile, with the constant change of rules &…
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less working hours

Less working hours and more intelligent automation

The calls for shorter working hours or a shorter workweek have become increasingly prominent as it has proved its significant benefits. In recent years, automation…
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