Be Informed for the Financial Sector

How do you keep up in this changing world?

The financial services industry experiences increasing pressure from customer demands, regulations, (non)financial risks, legacy IT, and rapid innovators in the fintech and insurtech space. Decrease manual knowledge work and human error rates and start automating with a compliant, safe, and highly scalable low-code platform.

"With Be Informed it was possible to achieve easy integration with all of our systems."
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With Be Informed you can create, control and easily adapt your customer journeys towards the ever-changing customer needs. We enable organizations to ensure compliance in end-to-end processes. And with the use of our DCM solutions we fully support operational processes such as applying your acceptance rules, claims handling, and customer service. 


Treat each customer uniquely, according to their needs. Provide only what is relevant and achieve high satisfaction while decreasing costs. 


Streamline complex interactions between all stakeholders involved in claims handling. Stay agile while ensuring compliance throughout.

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The financial sector faces many challenges that Intelligent Automation can solve. Read about the impacts of IA on the financial sector, and the opportunities it brings, in this whitepaper.

Characteristics of the platform

Dynamic Case Management

Not one case is the same. With Be Informed, each case is managed dynamically, instead of enforcing hard-wired business logic. Process any banking request or insurance application, no matter how complex, in a flexible and controlled manner.  

Customer Journey Automation

Customers expect instant gratification and personalized service, for any touchpoint. Use Be Informed to orchestrate all systems and have up-to-date and consistent customer data anytime, anywhere. Besides, Be Informed makes flexible customer journeys a reality, responding proactively to the unique needs and wants of your customer. The result? Excellent customer service and user experience. 

End-To-End Compliance

Manage rapidly changing rules and regulations by creating intelligent applications through model-driven low-code development. Ensure compliance through audit trails and integrated rule traceability. 


Manage your organization’s technological debt by bringing all (legacy) systems and data sources together with Be Informed. Create a new basis for digital transformation and start reaping the rewards of technological advancement sooner. 

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