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Be Informed for Financial Services

How do you deal with increasing rules and regulations as well as customer expectations?

Empowering financial integrity through innovation

Discover how Be Informed empowers the financial services sector with compliance engines that adapt flexibly to changing regulations.

Sanctions and export controls screening

Automatically check against global and local sanction lists, including those from the UN and OFAC, helping you identify and avoid entities subject to trade restrictions. It also offers insights into global export controls, ensuring compliance with trade laws and preventing support of prohibited military activities.

Financial Services

Extensive PEP, RCA, and UBO Data

Detailed data on Politically Exposed Persons and Related Corporate Authorities from over 200 countries, including international data from organizations like the UN and NATO, to help identify high-risk individuals and entities. Additionally, it enables you to establish and verify the ultimate beneficial ownership of entities, particularly in opaque jurisdictions, mitigating risks associated with hidden ownership structures.

Streamline audits

A unified platform where employees can access all compliance check details, monitor workflows, and track case statuses. It’s a streamlined experience, putting all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Streamline audits​

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