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A brand that inspires!

Not just colours but colours that tell our story.

Be Informed Logo


The logo is a transparent, three-dimensional sphere with moving bands.

The sphere symbolizes the context in which our solutions are applied: a dynamic environment in which all elements are connected to each other.

The name in the logo consists of the words “be informed” in lowercase.

The horizontal version is the preferred version. Hence, only use the vertical version when the horizontal version does not fit (either the design or the size).

Color variations

The logo is preferably used on a white background or on a solid color background.

The logo is available in a variety of formats; the preferred format is the full-color version.


Avoid placing the logo where there is less contrast.

Avoid placing the logo in busy areas of the picture.

  • Don’t change the width
  • Don’t change height
  • Don’t use a blurry logo
  • Don’t add a box around the logo
  • Don’t add drop shadow
  • Don’t use the name alone
  • Don’t rotate the logo

Be Informed Company Description

Be Informed is a leading RegTech and compliance software provider with a global presence across Europe, the Americas, APAC, and the Middle East. With over 20 years of experience and innovation, we specialize in transforming regulations, laws, and rules into automated, compliant day-to-day operations.

Our expertise lies in helping organizations thrive in complex and constantly evolving regulatory environments, providing them with full control, scalability, traceability, and organizational agility. From interpreting regulations to modeling decision-making processes and enforcing compliance, Be Informed ensures seamless and efficient compliance management.

Be Informed