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Be Informed for International Trade and Transport

Easily demonstrate compliance with international trade, transport regulations.

Ushering in a new era of compliance

Discover how Be Informed empowers the trade and transport sector to deal with a rapidly changing landscape and get a grip on regulations, duties, and import/export controls.

Global sanctions & export control screening

Manual compliance checks are no longer needed. Our system automatically checks against over 1,000 sanction lists available in over 100 languages every five minutes. At the same time, every import and export control is also checked.

sanctions screening
Compliance Verification

Continuous compliance verification

Our system automatically examines shipments against the growing number of regulations and your internal policies.

Seamless integration and real-time results

Seamlessly integrates into the organization’s current workflow through seamless integration with its existing air cargo infrastructure via APIs built on IATA standards. The comprehensive compliance check results are delivered in a split second, saving employees valuable time and effort.

Realtime result

Trusted by world-class partners

Early compliance ensures smoother shipments, reducing delays and fines

The combination of our platform and the knowledge of specialists from the aviation community make our International Trade and Transport Compliance solution a powerful tool. It saves organizations significant time, money, and worries.

Ready to transform

Ready to transform?

Ready to establish or optimize your compliant applications’ foundation? With years of expertise, we’re equipped to support your digital development needs effectively.

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