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Fly Dubai powered by ITTS

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The Challenge

flydubai, a leading airline, faced significant challenges in ensuring compliance with global export control regulations and sanctions while managing its cargo operations. The manual processes of verifying and validating shipments against export control regulations and sanctions listed by various regulatory bodies such as OFAC, UN Security Council, and EU presented operational hurdles. These challenges included time-consuming manual checks, the risk of errors, and delays.

Solution & Application

In a successful collaboration with our esteemed partner Canon, flydubai implemented our International Trade and Transport Compliance Solution (ITTS). ITTS combines knowledge about goods classification with regulations and data sources to automatically check transactions for compliance.

ITTS receives Air Waybills from flydubai’s Booking and Cargo Management systems, checks all aspects of the Air Waybills for compliance with export control and sanctions, and returns the results to the requestor. The case management capability assigns flagged transactions to a compliance officer who can inspect the results of the compliance check, validate the results, attach evidence to substantiate the conclusion, and submit the results for approval. Any non-compliant shipments are refused, and depending upon the nature of non-compliance, authorities are notified. 

The application works behind the scenes, integrates with operational systems, and automatically checks every transaction for potential compliance issues against regulations and sanctions. ITTS automates the screening process, minimizing false positives and reducing manual efforts. Advanced algorithms help identify strategic goods. A comprehensive back-office portal empowers authorized users to manage sanction check results, enhancing control and collaboration. Additionally, the application provides capabilities for user management, rule design, and process automation, ensuring seamless compliance operations. 

Future of flydubai

Since the successful implementation of the application, flydubai has experienced significant improvements in operational efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance. The automated screening and intelligent algorithms have streamlined processes, reduced errors, and enhanced security. This has resulted in cost savings, improved collaboration with external entities, and strengthened regulatory compliance. With the application’s scalability and flexibility, flydubai can adapt to evolving regulatory requirements and technological advancements, ensuring long-term sustainability and competitiveness in the aviation industry.

When we began operations in 2009, our aim was to take more people to more places, more often. We now fly to more than 125 destinations in 58 countries and we’re constantly adding new cities to our network as we continue to grow. Over 100 million passengers have chosen to flydubai, making us the second largest carrier, by passenger numbers, operating out of Dubai International (DXB).

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