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Blyce: Digital government processes transformed

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public services solution

Public Services Solution

In our fast-paced world, governments grapple with high expectations of digital services, vast amounts of citizen data, and the need to combat tax evasion and other forms of non-compliance. This highlights the critical need for deeper understanding. Questions like “Why is something happening?” and “What if it continues?” underscore the urgency of gaining insights for informed decision-making. The solution lies in actively seeking a better understanding of data to make informed decisions, and that is the premise on which Blyce (formerly known as BearingPoint Caribbean) developed The Public Services Suite.


Blyce built various solutions with the Be Informed platform and their own team of Be Informed Architects. These solutions include the Multi Tax Solution (MTS), Multi Benefit Solution (MBS), Multi Permit Solution (MPS), and Multi Data Exchange Solution (MDES). Blyce selected Be Informed for Businesss Process Management and rule-driven RPA management. The platform from Be Informed supports complex processes, knowledge work automation, and handling contextual data. Some of the benefits Blyce recognizes by using the Be Informed platform include:
  • Rapid adaption through model-driven development.
  • Incorporating necessary changes in legislation with ease.
  • Availability of audit trails, dashboards, and reports.
  • Model-driven decision-making capabilities

How it Works

Multi Tax Solution (MTS)

The MTS revolutionizes tax administration by automating processes and optimizing resource utilization. Through intelligent automation driven by rules and contextual data, routine tax cases are processed efficiently, freeing up valuable time for tax administrators to focus on complex cases. Moreover, the platform’s flexibility allows seamless adaptation to changing laws and policies without the need for extensive coding or vendor intervention. This ensures that tax authorities can stay compliant and responsive to evolving regulatory landscapes while delivering exceptional service to taxpayers.

Multi Benefit Solution (MBS)

The MBS enables social security organizations to have an accurate registration of employers and insured persons. Through a self-service portal employers file and pay contributions and through the back-office functionality the compliance of declarations and payments is managed. In the realm of benefit delivery, the MBS streamlines processes and enhances the user experience for citizens seeking government assistance. By guiding applicants through eligibility assessments and providing a centralized portal for benefits management, the MBS ensures that citizens have easy access to the support they need. Additionally, robust compliance features built into the platform help governments uphold regulatory standards, safeguarding the integrity of benefit programs and fostering trust among beneficiaries. 

Multi Data Exchange Solution (MDES)

As governments navigate the challenges of international tax information exchange, the MDES provides a robust solution for Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI). By facilitating seamless data exchange between reporting entities and competent authorities, the MDES strengthens efforts to combat cross-border tax evasion and ensures compliance with international standards. Thousands of financial institutions worldwide use the MDES portal to file their yearly reports to the tax administration in their country, for onward transmission to the country of the account holder. With stringent encryption and comprehensive validation features, the platform safeguards the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive financial data, instilling confidence among stakeholders in the exchange process.

Multi Permit Solution (MPS)

The MPS addresses the complexities of permitting processes, offering a comprehensive solution for both front- and back-office workflows. By digitizing and centralizing permit management, the MPS accelerates service delivery for citizens and businesses, reducing wait times and operational costs. Furthermore, the platform’s compliance capabilities ensure that all permitting activities align with regulatory requirements, mitigating risks and enhancing transparency in the permit issuance process.

The Future

The Public Services Suite powered by Be Informed offers a holistic approach to digital transformation in government, addressing key areas such as tax administration, social security, permitting, and exchange of information. By leveraging intelligent automation with Be Informed, Blyce unlocks robust compliance features and seamless integration capabilities; the suite enables governments to optimize processes, enhance service delivery, and achieve higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness. As governments embrace the challenges of the digital age, the Public Services Suite stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in public service delivery.

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