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Witteveen+Bos: +Compliance Solution 

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+ Compliance Solution

The problem

“We noticed our clients in the industrial sector were terribly busy. Too busy to gain insight in how to comply with regulations and policies. That’s how we came up with the +Compliance Solution aiming to help clients get their overview back. By developing a solution that supports them to be compliant, they regain control of their day-to-day business.” René Jansen, Head of Environmental Law and Permit, and Paul van den Eijnden, Consultant Licensing Industry of Witteveen+Bos tell us more about the development of the +Compliance Solution.


Consultancy and engineering firm Witteveen+Bos gives advice and makes designs focusing on companies in the areas of water, infrastructure, spatial planning, environment and construction. In 2017 en 2018 Witteveen+Bos launched the so-called Plus+ Innovation programme to encourage their employees to share creative and innovative ideas. “It’s a platform specifically aimed at digitization and data usage. We see that this is a prominent aspect in businesses worldwide.” In the first edition of the programme in 2017, various proposals came from our organization, fifteen of which were selected. “The +Compliance Solution was one of them. We kickstarted this idea to mature it into a business case.” A whitepaper was drawn up, in which the idea was elaborated. “We came to the conclusion that we had a software model in mind. It was the reason to look for a digital transformation agency.”

Clients’ point of view

“We deliberately chose to develop the +Compliance Solution with a partner. By bringing together the best of both worlds, we could come up with the optimal solution.” Be Informed was involved to see if they also saw the potential of the solution and whether a collaboration was desirable. This turned out to be the case, so the +Compliance Solution was further composed: what should it look like, what should it be able to do? “ 

Client and companies in the industrial sector were leading in the set up of the solution. Some of the problems they encounter require custom modules. Other commercial solutions often can’t offer this, because they deal with compliance from a software point of view. We based the solution on the needs of clients, and Be Informed provided the modular software. That’s a golden combination suiting the market.” 

Collaboration with Be Informed

When you work together and innovate, a good relationship with your partner is essential. “After meeting Be Informed, we found this connection instantly. There was a willingness to invest together. We are aligned, have joint ideas and see the added value of the +Compliance Solution.” 

Witteveen+Bos and Be Informed are entering the market together. The +Compliance Solution will go live on April 1st 2019. “Co-creation has been central throughout the development process. There was no question of a wait-and-see attitude, which you often encounter at development companies. We went for a different approach; develop together, listen to each other and make a creative contribution from both sides. 

The consultant of Be Informed came up with some good ideas. He understood us and had the same drive to create a valuable solution. We see that in all people at Be Informed. It’s a real partnership.”

From overview to insight with the +Compliance Solution

The primary target group of the +Compliance Solution is the industrial sector. “We saw a necessity there. Environmental aspects, drills and installations are linked to applicable regulations. 

The +Compliance Solution is a fast, smart, digital system giving insight in the current state of affairs, in the actions you have to undertake, and the tasks you have already completed to comply with rules and policies.” 

It’s connected to an interactive map driven by coordinates, representing all installations and components. By clicking an element, it’s immediately shown what needs to be done to be compliant. The solution is helpful for everyone who wants to map out tasks and responsibilities concerning rules and policy. 

“These are mostly people in the environmental department, such as the QHSE Coordinator. For smaller companies, it concerns those who deal with compliance once in a while; the expertise may not even be within the company at all. However, every company in the sector has to deal with rules and policies, and all installations have to comply. Because rules and installations change quickly, these people sometimes no longer see the whole picture. 

The +Compliance Solution gives this overview and is compatible with the ISO 14001 certification. In case of an audit, you can always proof you meet the regulations.” 

With the +Compliance Solution Witteveen+Bos and Be Informed want to bring companies from a reactive to a proactive position. “It’s very difficult to stay on top of things because of everchanging regulations. With the +Compliance Solution they have a reliable support system. That’s better for employees, for the environment, for the reputation of the company, and for the cooperation with the government. With the +Compliance Solution you gain control.” 

Future plans

Although the +Compliance Solution is being used for compliance in the field of environmental legislation, the solution is certainly suitable for companies in for instance finance and occupational health and safety. “We want to first focus on one market, so that we can respond well to their specific needs. 

The +Compliance Solution now is a minimal viable product with all functionalities. We will run a pilot at two clients to fine-tune it. They have been involved since the beginning of the development.” The basic module of the +Compliance Solution contains an overview of environmental legislation and regulations, linked to installations and a map, an overview of actions, and data import and export possibilities. 

“We are already thinking about the next steps, such as responding to reporting obligations and monitoring. We are also looking into possibilities to offer the +Compliance Solution abroad. But first we want the basis to be solid.” 

Would you like to discuss the possibilities of our platform for your compliance process? 

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