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Enforce compliance in every decision ​

Go through the final stages of creating your application, combining the foundation with domain knowledge.​

Enforce compliance

In the Be Informed Runtime, you will bring your compliant application live.

Embedded compliance

The main objective of the Be Informed Runtime is to deliver a compliant application to the end user. Moreover, our engine and the declarative nature of the models ensure that every action complies with the business rules (we call this “embedded compliance”) while maintaining maximum user flexibility.

runtime embedded compliance
automatic audit trail

Automatic audit trail

The Be Informed Runtime creates an automatic audit trail of all actions performed by the application. Consequently, this creates a complete and explicit log of how the cases are evolved and the data and reasoning used in the decisions.


Be Informed applications comply with the strict security requirements of risk-averse and high-profile financial and government organizations worldwide. Our platform was built using the paradigm “Enforced by the platform, defined by the application,” allowing the modelers to focus on security constraints and trust the extensively tested implementation and enforcement.



Our Runtime is broadly known for its robust operation. Furthermore, although Be Informed applications serve complex business functions, its simple but effective deployment model gives organizations a robust, reliable, and easy-to-operate execution engine.

What our Runtime can do for you

Business Owners

Streamlined compliance

DevOps Engineers

Deploy with trust

IT Architects

Secure & reliable infrastructure

What the Runtime can do for you

Product Features

Dive deeper into the technology of our Runtime.

Infrastructure of Choice

Our applications run inside an Apache Tomcat servlet container, making it easy to run the runtime on the infrastructure of choice, whether it is AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, plain Docker, or on a Linux or Windows Server VM.

Seamless Integration

Be Informed applications never stand on their own. Therefore, the Be Informed platform comes with a powerful toolset to integrate it with ease into your existing infrastructure.

Customizable UI

Be Informed comes with a modern user interface that is fully customizable to match your corporate identity and every custom user interface requirement that you may have.


All services you configure, whether for system-to-system integration or the user interface, are automatically translated into an Open-API service description.

Relational Database

The (meta)data used to manage the process state is stored as plain data inside a relational database. This guarantees your data is never vendor-locked in, and reporting is easy.

Horizontally Scalable

Our runtime is stateless and has a low infrastructure footprint per individual user, making it easy to scale applications horizontally, and match your performance requirements.

Blyce transformed the digital government processes of over 18 countries

Blyce selected Be Informed for Businesss Process Management and rule-driven RPA management.

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