Software Escrow

The software developed by Be Informed has been deposited through Software Borg to the IT-notary. The certificate guarantees Be Informed’s software will remain continuously usable by users.

Software Borg

Software Escrow

The Be Informed platform lays the foundation for automated processes and decision making. The software has been part of the Software Borg System since 2015. The Software Borg Foundation has been offering services and products in the area of software escrow in collaboration with the IT-notary for over twenty years. The deposit, which is certified, is only possible in case the software meets numerous quality conditions and is therefore a valuable quality mark.

For you as a customer of Be Informed the added value lies in the fact that, by entering into an escrow user agreement with Software Borg, the right to the source code of the software can be obtained. With this right, the continuity of the use of your software is guaranteed, because your organization can use the source code in the event of a calamity.

Solutions of the platform

Dynamic case management

With dynamic case management, your team will work as efficient as possible, shortening case throughput times. Be Informed’s platform can handle any kind of case complexity.

Customer journeys

Be Informed is the core of every cross-channel customer experience. Quickly deploy minimal viable products to meet business and customer demands, and then evolve to accelerate success.


Regulations are ever-changing. The Be Informed framework can set up and maintain a compliance program or service so your business keeps pace with regulations rather than chasing them in an attempt to be compliant.


Orchestration is an essential part of any digital strategy to manage the complexity that comes with big data, legacy IT and emerging AI, whilst trying to digitally evolve your business. The Be Informed platform allows you to mix all of these elements together.

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