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Transforming regulatory processes is a team effort: Collaborate, innovate, and achieve compliance excellence together.

We enable you to craft your own application

Through our partner enablement program, we help you to become self-sufficient in using the Be Informed RegTech platform.

Our partner enablement program

Be Informed Academy

Through a combination of classroom training and online modules, we will train you to build your own application.


On-site and off-site coaching

Our team of specialists helps you to take the next step and help you solve any challenges you might have.

guide and shadow

Guide & Shadow

Through guide & shadow method, we will gradually help you become more self-sufficient in each phase.

Be Informed Community

Our partners in various sectors are always happy to share their knowledge about working with our software.

marketing and sales enablement

Marketing & Sales Enablement

To help you in bringing your application to the market, we will enable your sales and marketing team with various resources.

be informed community

Access to Our Documentation

With over 20 years of experience, we have enough documentation to make sure you don’t have to find it out all by yourself.

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