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EsperantoXL: Transforming Operations with Be Informed – A Story of Dynamic Case Management 

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Embracing Change Through Digitization

In an era of constant change, governments, businesses, and citizens must adapt swiftly. Government agencies, including water boards, are tasked with optimizing services and streamlining processes through digitization. This shift underscores the importance of Dynamic Case Management (DCM), a solution tailored to meet the evolving demands of modern governance.

The Challenge

Traditional case systems often fall short of meeting user needs. Each case is unique, demanding flexibility and adaptability. Yet, current systems rigidly adhere to fixed paths, hindering efficiency and satisfaction. Be Informed’s DCM steps in to address these shortcomings, offering a dynamic approach to case management that aligns with the fluid nature of real-world scenarios.

Be Informed’s DCM platform empowers case handlers with tailored support and flexibility. Instead of predefined routes, tasks adapt based on case context. Stakeholders collaborate seamlessly, and clients can monitor progress firsthand. With a timeline for prioritization and automated outputs, efficiency soars, enabling teams to focus on delivering exceptional service.

No Code Technology

Utilizing “No Code” technology, Be Informed allows users to shape processes graphically. This intuitive approach fosters rapid modifications and continuous improvement, aligning perfectly with agile methodologies. By empowering users to take control of their workflows, Be Informed promotes a culture of innovation and efficiency.


Brabant Water

From Brabant Water, there was a need to implement an overlay application that uses the existing systems as systems of records. Data must be retrieved from these systems and the results of finished products must be stored in these systems. With an overlay system, Brabant Water can benefit from previously made investments in SAP (finance, logistics, HR), Corsa, SharePoint and ESRI (GIS). Facing the challenge of system integration, Brabant Water sought an overlay application to utilize existing infrastructure efficiently. Be Informed facilitated end-to-end processes, ensuring seamless collaboration across departments and stakeholders. This streamlined approach maximized the utility of Brabant Water’s existing systems while enhancing overall operational efficiency.


Each patient requires a different treatment method. Therefore, the GGZ needed a system that supports the entire treatment process, including decision support for the practitioner and application of organization and/or region-specific policies. For the GGZ, individualized patient care demanded a dynamic system. Be Informed’s DCM connects patients with practitioners, guiding treatment plans and fostering patient engagement. Integration with existing functions is seamless, thanks to a robust microservices architecture. By providing practitioners with the tools they need to deliver personalized care, Be Informed enhances the patient experience and improves treatment outcomes. Integration with other business functions is easy because of the SOA micro architecture, including in the area of planning and controlling financial administration. UI services enable implementation of a completely custom UX/UI design. These services can also be used within native apps.

OLO (Omgevingsloket online)

The Omgevingsloket online (Olo) is a nationwide application that makes it possible to apply for and process environmental permits (Wabo, Water Act) via the Internet. Citizens and companies must be able to easily check whether they are required to obtain a permit. If necessary, they must also apply for permits and/or make notifications digitally. The competent authority (municipalities, provinces, water boards) and their advisors (such as environmental services, environmental services and fire departments) must be able to view permit applications and process (assess and dispose of) notifications via the same system. The solution is one system for all parties. Olo runs on Be Informed’s Business Process Platform and offers various possibilities for mail and messaging. It is connected to the Municipal Personal Records Database (GBA) and the Addresses and Buildings Key Register (BAG). Links have also been realized with the Chamber of Commerce and with DigiD (for citizens) and E-recognition (for companies). The counter is available 7 days / 24 hours to all users. Since the introduction of Olo, over 2,000,000 digital applications submitted and about 250,000 applications are added each year. There are about 150,000 monthly users, about 50,000 of whom are unique. Olo reduces the administrative burden of citizens and companies during the checking and application of permits. Its costs have been reduced by approximately €96 million in the first year, and it also ensures that processing by competent authorities is efficient and effective manner is supported.


Through Be Informed’s Dynamic Case Management, organizations across sectors are revolutionizing operations. By embracing flexibility, collaboration, and user empowerment, Be Informed empowers entities like EsperantoXL to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. From water boards to healthcare providers, the transformative impact of Be Informed is clear, efficiency and innovation are within reach.
EsperantoXL has focused on developing smart software solutions since 2002. By simplifying processes, we bring speed to organizations. We build innovative applications that optimize our customers’ operational processes, we seamlessly integrate them into existing IT environments and take the final responsibility for continuous availability. Our team is made up of technical business experts, who critically look at how our solutions really offer added value before we start implementing.

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