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Craft your compliant operations together ​

Our Studios allow you to model knowledge graphs, providing you with deeper insight into your business.​

Model your business process and applications

The Be Informed Studios enable you to model your business and detail the application behavior, and directly validate the result as a working application.

Create your business design

The primary goal of capturing the business design in the Studios is to create a single, shared vision of the solution, a unified set of requirements, and a structured set of business components and their relationships. The business design connects regulatory requirements, high level technical requirements, business scenarios, and operational policies in a single model.
Create your business design​
knowledge graph

Decision modeling

Secondly, we model the decisions guided by the knowledge graph (rules), which are formulated based on regulatory interpretation and corporate policies. This ensures compliance and adherence to the original standards.

Define your processes

By defining the declarative process constraints and adding details of the registration objects, the high-level business design is transformed into an executable end-to-end solution design.
business process
application behavior

Detail application behavior

To complete the transformation of requirements into a compliant application with great user experience, the out-of-the-box behavior of the models can be fine-tuned. In this last step, the detailed application-level requirements are configured, integrations are added, and the application gets its final look-and-feel.

What the Studios can do for you

Business Owners

Short time to market


Collaborate effectively

Solution Architects

Design with ease

What the Studios can do for you

Product Features

Explore the features of this tool, designed to optimize your regulatory processes.

Context driven processes

Create highly flexible processes that can adapt to the individual context while maintaining compliancy to the business rules.

Constraint-based modeling

Use declarative modeling in domain-specific metamodels to grasp complex requirements and rulesets.

Create hybrid processes

Seamlessly mix straight-through processing with manual activities.

Explainable decisions

Using Symbolic AI and formal reasoning over specific, executable knowledge models creates decisions that are explainable to the source.

Traceable requirements

By linking the concepts in the knowledge graph to the regulatory interpretations and other sources, models become easier to maintain and verify.

Capture interpretation

Our templates of CI/CD pipelines and tools to integrate into the development lifecycle enable to create and release high-quality artifacts.

Revolutionizing Federal HR operations

YRCI is building a HR-Services product suite with Be Informed’s RegTech platform.

HR operations
Ready to transform

Ready to transform?

Ready to establish or optimize your compliant applications’ foundation? With years of expertise, we’re equipped to support your digital development needs effectively.

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