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Thrive in complex, constantly evolving, regulated environments

We help you to take control over your day-to-day compliant operations and enhance your organization’s agility. 

Why Be Informed?

We are a best-in-class RegTech expert with over 20 years of experience, constantly innovating and optimizing our technology to successfully automate the most complex situations.

We Master Complexity

Our expertise in navigating real-world complexity, distincts us from conventional approaches like RPA.

Doubled Productivity
Achieve unparalleled efficiency and agility, accelerating operations to meet evolving business demands.
rock solid
Our Platform Never Breaks

No blocking issues in the last 10 years, ensuring complete reliability and business continuity. 

Unrivaled Expertise

We combine 20 years in RegTech with advice and support from a team of true, seasoned experts.


Compliance challenges and risk exposure for highly regulated organizations are at unprecedented levels and rapidly escalating. The constant influx of regulations, laws, and norms adds complexity, while the burden of compliance criteria and consequences—including penalties, personal liability, and reputational damage—continues to mount.

Old-school methods relying on static, untraceable “black box” systems just don’t cut it anymore, exposing organizations and leaders to unacceptable risks, undermining confidence, and hindering essential competitive change and transformation.

why be informed
why be informed


That’s where we come in. Our mission is to help organizations take full control and thrive in this complex regulatory environment. We do this by implementing a scalable and traceable approach to translating regulations, instructions, and rules into in-control day-to-day compliance and enhanced organizational agility. We turn regulatory compliance into a competitive advantage for our customers.


We envision a world where a universal, machine-readable standard for regulations streamlines compliance, ensuring seamless adherence across industries. This vision drives our commitment to pioneering solutions that empower organizations to navigate complex regulatory landscapes with ease and confidence, ushering in a future of efficiency, transparency, and trust.

why be informed

Our approach

At Be Informed, we believe in a seamless journey through (compliance) knowledge management, empowering organizations to navigate regulatory complexities effortlessly. Our innovative approach follows a clear 1-2-3 concept, encompassing the Workbench, Studios, and Runtime. Whether approaching from a perspective of compliant operations upstream towards knowledge management or from compliance knowledge management downstream towards application, our concept ensures a cohesive and effective journey toward regulatory compliance.

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