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Take control of your regulatory requirements​

Easily turn regulations into machine-readable formats, enabling you to stay compliant in a dynamic regulatory environment. 

Collaborate on interpreting regulations

Interpret new regulations, easily share these interpretations, lay a solid foundation for compliance, and ensure full traceability back to the original regulation.​


Manage work

We enable you to import existing sources and interpretations, allocate tasks, manage the flow of work, and monitor timelines.

Workbench work management
workbench regulation annotation

Annotate regulations

After importing a source, you may manually and/or supported by AI annotate and highlight what is important. You can also add more details in these annotations in a later stage.

Interpret regulations

You promote your annotation to a structured format (frames) and fill in all the specific details. The Workbench facilitates conversations and conflict resolution with your team.

Interpret regulations​
Review and publish​

Review and publish

Navigate and review your interpretation model. View the references to the original sources and create tickets for your comments. When all the comments have been processed, a new version of the model can be published.

What the Workbench can do for you

Business Owners

Interpret once, use everywhere

Policy Makers

Quick & agile collaboration

Legal Analysts

Directly deployable

What the Workbench can do for you

Product features

Explore the features of this tool, designed to optimize your regulatory processes.

Governance & management

Centralized oversight and control for regulatory compliance processes, ensuring alignment with organizational policies and standards.

Manage sources

Efficiently organize and manage diverse regulatory sources, streamlining access and updates for compliance initiatives.


Subject matter experts can curate the interpreted regulatory content using a documentation portal and governance workflows.

Workbench as a Service

Flexible and scalable delivery model, providing on-demand access to the Workbench platform for seamless compliance management.

Sharing and reusing

Collaboration capabilities for sharing compliance knowledge and best practices, fostering efficiency and consistency across teams.

Capture interpretation

Advanced capabilities for capturing, interpreting, and translating regulatory requirements into actionable insights for compliance operations.

Improving public access and participation in the Federal regulatory process

The eRulemaking Program is implementing initiatives to promote transparency, public participation, and collaboration in the federal regulatory process.

Ready to transform

Ready to transform?

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