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How do you deal with changes in regulations? Compliance is mandatory but to be compliant as a business can be a big hassle. Regulations are ever-changing and quite complex to integrate in operational processes. Be Informed offers a proven approach to create an efficient, cost-effective, and consistent compliance program which can easily be altered when circumstances require this.

In daily practice compliance is a big challenge. The +Compliance Solution is a fast, smart, digital system giving insight in the current state of affairs, in the actions you have to undertake, and the tasks you have already completed to comply with rules and policies."
René Jansen
Witteveen + Bos

Compliant throughout​

Take the complexity out of compliance. With Be Informed it’s no longer necessary to manually go through guides, standards and procedures captured in documents and spreadsheets. The Intelligent Controls Framework provides stakeholders with a precise overview of all applicable requirements and needed controls for a specific activity, asset or location. It helps the compliance officer prove that every aspect of their operations is compliant with regulations, corporate policies and standards. Via a combination of natural language processing, expert judgment and modeling, requirements are annotated and extracted from legal documents. As a result you are able to demonstrate all business activities are safe and compliant in their context.

Implemented solutions

SPARQ compliance platform​

Every twelve minutes international banks are confronted with regulatory updates. ING Bank selected Be Informed to deliver the SPARQ compliance platform, an end-to-end solution for legal, compliance and operations staff. It enables ING Bank to comply with financial laws and regulations and demonstrate compliance at any time. SPARQ features an AI-driven policy management that supports in identifying relevant regulations, requirements from these regulations, defining obligations, risks and control objectives, and creating policies. The Be Informed Intelligent Controls Framework is the core of SPARQ, determining for every context which requirements apply and which controls need to be executed.

Compliant in 200 countries​

To be compliant in multiple regulatory regimes (health, environment, customs, tax, etc.) in over 200 countries was becoming too complex. Be Informed provided P&G with a platform that ensures compliance on a global scale. It’s used by 800 product stewards and 3,000 R&D staff, supporting over 3,000 product initiatives per year. Achieved goals are 200,000 hours a year in operational cost savings. Additionally there is a 50% reduction in rework, as well as a cutback on quality interventions and product recalls. The required time to implement changes and still be compliant is minimized from months to days.

Cloud based QSE compliance solution​

Witteveen+Bos was looking for a user-friendly solution, capable of monitoring environmental compliance. It was their wish to facilitate QSE and compliance officers with an overview of the regulations that need to be met. The Be Informed Intelligent Controls Framework was implemented, with all valid environmental regulations. It’s linked to sites, activities, products, processes, and facilities, including workflow support and work management for regulating the environmental compliance plan and environmental compliance monitoring. Now the organization is able to instantly see which requirements are not sufficiently handled, comply to these regulations and demonstrate this at any given time.

Compliance whitepaper

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Some of our customers

Turning policy into compliance​

Smart policies and active controls are the way to go. They guide and enforce constraints to execute the checks during the activity and not afterwards. Automating monitoring tasks where possible, scheduling inspections, audits, control assessments and analyses where necessary. Task management, workflow support, intelligent forms and automated evidence logging ensure efficient compliance monitoring, build a dossier to present evidence to regulators, and significantly reduce the cost of reporting.

With Be Informed you can quickly respond to business and regulations by streamlining the process from tracking regulatory change to updating control frameworks and implementing control. The integrated compliance processes in combination with the framework gives continuous insight into the impact of regulations on every aspect of your operations.

René Jansen

Head of Environmental Law and Permit

  • The +Compliance solution supports you to be compliant
  • Reduce time to handle rules and policies and create an overview
  • Regain control of your day-to-day business

Meet our customers

“We noticed our clients in the industrial sector were terribly busy. Too busy to gain insight in how to comply with regulations and policies. That’s how we came up with ​​the +Compliance Solution aiming to help clients get their overview back. By developing a solution that supports them to be compliant, they regain control of their day-to-day business.”

René Jansen, Head of Environmental Law and Permit, and Paul van den Eijnden, Consultant Licensing Industry of Witteveen+Bos tell us more about the development of the +Compliance Solution.

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