End-To-End Compliance

How do you deal with changes in regulation?

Take the complexity out of compliance with the Be Informed Intelligent Automation Platform. Be Informed offers a proven approach to create an efficient, cost-effective, and consistent compliance solution. This is all achieved through intelligent process automation solutions. So that even when circumstances change, enforcing new policy won’t be a complicated process.

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End-to-end Compliance Process

Be Informed will be your helping hand in compliance, throughout all three phases of the end-to-end compliance process.

Policy Management

Identifying relevant regulations and interpret requirements. Determine risks and a course of action for each requirement, resulting in control objectives and policies.

Policy Implementation

Policy Implementation

Identifying which regulatory requirements apply to which organizational activity, in order to implement relevant company policies and necessary controls.

Policy Enforcement

Policy Enforcement

Ensuring that all organizational activities are compliant, even when crossing borders and involving multiple actors from multiple disciplines.


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Compliance Throughout with Be Informed

Be Informed developed an intelligent automation platform with an integrated data structure connecting regulations to operational processes and vice versa. It provides organizations with a tailored solution to overcome all compliance issues. The intelligent automation platform offers the following features to ensure compliance:

Horizon scanning Administers automatic updates of new or changed regulations.
Project management Defines and manages projects including an audit trail recording every decision.
Collaborative workbench Enables project teams to collaborate on analyzing regulations.
Natural language processing Analyzes regulations and gives users suggestions.
Delta management Enables legal staff to reuse previous regulatory analysis.
Process support Coordinates all activities and services necessary to create, manage and implement company policies.
Policy generation Automatically generates policy documents based on their regulatory analysis.
Process repository Captures business processes and assigns controls.
Impact assessment Enables users to quickly assess the impact of a regulatory update on their operational processes.
Compliance checkers Automatic checking of all transactions.
Automate control tests Collects data from primary process systems to determine how well a control has functioned.
Smart dashboards Status overview of the implementation of regulations.

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Compliance Use Cases

The Be Informed platform aids companies in various sectors to ensure compliance. From banking to logistics, Be Informed can handle any challenge surrounding GRC. Read our client cases to learn more about compliance with the Be Informed platform.

+Compliance Solution

Witteveen+Bos helps multiple organizations in the industrial sector to regain control of rules.

Cargo at Schiphol Airport

Cargonaut improved cargo processing time and decreased fines and risk with Be Informed.

One change in regulation every 12 minutes

One major bank selected Be Informed to deliver an end-to-end solution for legal, compliance, and operations staff.

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End-to-end compliance


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Use case

Witteveen+Bos was looking for a user-friendly solution, to monitor environmental compliance. It was their goal to facilitate QSE and compliance officers with an over- view of the checks and associated regulations giving insight into the tasks that need to be executed to comply. The Be Informed platform was implemented, with all valid environmental regulations.

It’s linked to sites, activities, products, processes, and facilities, including workflow support and work management for regulating the environmental compliance plan and environmental compliance monitoring. Now it is instantly clear which requirements are not sufficiently handled, granting organizations a proactive position in complying to regulations.


Use case

Cargonaut logo

Cargonaut supports (inter)national logistics service providers in the implementation of their core activities. To adhere to compliance rules, the Compliance Checker was developed. It automatically proves all operational facets are compliant with relevant rules. By applying the correct rules to specific situations, all necessary checks are carried out and reports are generated, serving as evidence during inspections.

Be Informed offered the platform for the automation of knowledge-intensive processes, specializing in automated applications of large numbers of complex business rules to specific cases.

Major Bank

Use case

Every twelve minutes international banks are confronted with regulatory updates. One major bank selected Be Informed to deliver the compliance platform, an end-to-end solution for legal, compliance and operations staff. It enables the bank to comply with financial laws and regulations and demonstrate compliance at any time.

The platform supports in identifying relevant regulations, requirements from these regulations, defining obligations, risks and control objectives, and creating policies. The Be Informed platform is the core of the solution, determining for every context which requirements apply and which controls need to be executed.


Use case

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Use case

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