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How do you deal with increasing citizen expectations?

Government agencies and public organizations must deal with citizen expectations towards instant gratification; questions should be immediately answered, and problems immediately solved. The public demands interactions that are safe, secure, fast, and easy. We help you to navigate to meet changing citizen expectations.

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Governments build custom software solutions with Be Informed, to streamline processes while being flexible to navigate changing regulation. Be Informed technology is proven to be a successful accelerator for digital transformation in the public sector, primarily in tax collections, permit issuance, and social benefit distribution.

Tax Collection

Through intelligent automation, tax administrations increase revenue by enhancing compliance and delivering superior public services at a lower cost of operations.

Benefit Distribution

Federal government benefit programs are more efficient with Be Informed. Streamline the delivery of social benefits in compliance with legislation and regulations.

Permit Issuing

Permit-issuing authorities have improved citizen-satisfaction by simplifying the permitting procedure for citizens, investors, and companies using Be Informed.

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The public sector faces many challenges that Intelligent Automation can solve. Read about the impacts of IA on the public sector, and the opportunities it brings, in this whitepaper.

Characteristics of the platform

Dynamic Case Management

Manage tasks based on priorities and characteristics of the cases. The Be Informed platform is capable of Dynamic Case Management (DCM), supporting the complete process of managing public cases individually and flexibly. All while guaranteeing the follow-up with all the updated regulations and rules affecting every case.  

Customer Journey Automation

Design simplified and transparent procedures for citizens, using the customer journey automation capabilities of Be Informed. The result? Minimized operational time and cost, shortened cycle of traditional procedures and reduced bureaucracy. 

End-To-End Compliance

Continuously changing rules and regulations can be easily managed through custom software applications. Ensuring compliance is inherent to the Be Informed platform. Through automated audit trails and integrated rule traceability.


Governments can manage technological debt by bringing all (legacy) systems and data sources together with Be Informed. Intelligent software solutions create a new basis for digital transformation, and enable public organizations to reap the rewards of technological advancement sooner.

Be Informed

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Be Informed

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Experience a platform demo, provided by one of our Public Sector specialists.

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