Dynamic Case Management

Ensuring dynamic processes and embracing complex interactions

Not one case is the same. Each unique case ideally requires a unique process route to reach the desired results in the most efficient way. Traditional case management systems follow a 'set in stone' process, without any room for the case-specific needs or exceptions to the rules. This leads to higher costs, dissatisfied customers, and frustrated workers.

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Dynamic Case Management

Dynamic Case Management (DCM) systems are the solution. Get rid of rigid workflow structures. Instead, create service that is more personal, flexible, and faster, while ensuring compliance. Manage both long- and short-term cases and handle all corresponding files in one system. By using our low-code development platform instead of hand coding, your applications will be live in no-time. 

Case Workers

For Case Workers

Work management software supports case workers in handling dynamic cases by assigning tasks to the appropriate worker at the right time. 

Workflows are streamlined and processes are flexible when required. Improve collaboration and efficiency while saving time and lowering costs. 

End Users

For End Users

Guide customers through your customer journey in a personalized way, based on their wants and needs, while receiving valuable information at the same time.  

Streamline user experiences and deliver faster results. Discover the flexibility to deliver truly personalized service with customer-centric applications. 


Read more about the solutions that companies have developed with Be Informed by downloading our Dynamic Case Management whitepaper. 

Manage Complex Cases with Be Informed

Be Informed offers maximum support to case workers when handling dynamic cases. Through work management, your team will work as efficient as possible, workload will be evenly spread, and case throughput times will be shortened. Be Informed offers the following benefits to manage complex cases:

Work management Assign the right task, to the right case worker, at the right time based on predetermined business rules.
Context-driven processes Determine the needed actions on every case based on the context of the case.
Automated decision making Automated decisioning based on case context and case-specific rules.
Dynamic user interfaces Team collaboration through customizable authorization and flexible case handling.
Integrated audit trails History and record of context, allowing easy tracking of all performed cases and processes.
Low-code development Create business- and consumer grade applications through model driven, low-code development.
Model-driven approach Model-driven business applications allow organizations to drive meaningful change themselves.

Dynamic Case Management Use Cases

Dynamic Case Management solutions built with Be Informed deliver maximum support for handling cases. Organizations worldwide use Be Informed to develop solutions that better fit day-to-day work practices and help make operations easier. Read our client cases to learn more about Dynamic Case Management with the Be Informed platform.

Brabant Water

A major utilities company chose Be Informed to manage cooperation between stakeholders within and outside the organization. 


A health care organization uses Be Informed to match patient cases with the most effective treatment method and therapist. 


A Dutch nationwide application used by organizations and citizens to apply for environmental permits online relies on Be Informed for DCM. 

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Dynamic Case Management


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Brabant Water

Use case

Brabant Water implemented the Be Informed platform as an orchestrator-application that uses the existing systems as a record system. As a result, end to-end customer-oriented processes and cooperation between stakeholders within and outside the organization are supported. The Be Informed platform builds a new case for every request, so all the departments that are involved in the process, real-time follow-up on their assigned tasks. Be Informed manages the entire process, and flexibly refer the case from the employee to the supervisor and other involved parties at the right moments.


Use case


By using Dynamic Case Management of Be Informed, GGZ is now able to control the entire treatment processes. GGZ now can do the matchmaking between every patient’s case and the most effective treatment method and the right therapist based on context-driven digital processes. Dynamic case management supports therapists on making decisions on every case. The interaction with every patient’s environment guarantees to share the status of their treatment process with them and with the permitted people who are involved in the treatment process.

OLO (Environment Desk Online)

Use case


The OLO application was implemented on the Be Informed platform. By using OLO, citizens and organizations can check if they are required to have a permit. If so, they can apply directly for it digitally, and get notifications on the status of their application. The competent authorities (municipalities, provinces, water boards) and their advisors such as (environmental services and the fire department), use OLO to manage the process of permits requests and reports (estimation and decisions). OLO offers various possibilities for mailing and post traffic. It’s connected to the Municipal Basic Administration and the Basic Registration of Addresses and Buildings. Furthermore, OLO is linked to the Chamber of Commerce, the Dutch digital identity platform for citizens, and with the E-herkenning (environmental authentication and authorization) for companies.