Benefits of backward chaining

Be Informed helps you to deal with the increasing complexity of digital and regulatory changes automatically, without having to revise the entire IT infrastructure. Thanks to the approach based on backward chaining your target is always able to follow the best route with the same result.

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Goal oriented with backward chaining

The Be Informed platform uses advanced goal-oriented inferences based on backward chaining. Models with constraints are executed to generate context specific processes. This is comparable to a satellite navigation system: based on a pre-defined destination the optimal route is constantly recalculated on the concept of backward chaining. Our platform functions in exactly the same way, like a business navigator.

Compliance is automatically ensured, because the set of rules matching the situation is applied. Only the necessary rules are employed, instantly inducing efficiency. The Be Informed platform supports the most complex business processes, radically improves customer experience, and ensures compliance with regulations and policies.

Direct model driven methodology

The Be Informed platform is a direct model driven automation platform. The models are instantly operable, without additional programming or conversion into code. Users easily create models that contain their business logic. These models can be tested and adjusted at any time during the development process.

Our development has been independently proven to be three to ten times faster and less labor-intensive than traditional approaches. By using the direct model driven methodology you produce applications that are faster, modular and with less technical debt. It’s really just as simple as that. Nothing gets lost in translation. You are in control of the models you create and implement.

No redundancy, only one ontology

At the core of the Be Informed platform is a shared vocabulary of business concepts describing the products, services, processes, activities and policies of your organization. Business concepts are defined only once in the ontology. This unique definition can be reused everywhere. Definitions can even be used by other applications and external systems (via services) establishing a single point of truth.

Semantic models provide structure allowing organizations to deal with much larger rule sets. This ontological approach prevents rule proliferation and redundancy. The declarative semantic models enable the platform to deal with real world complications. Be Informed is scalable, and handles all levels of complexity despite the number of business rules.

Java and Apache Camel

The Be Informed platform combines documented expertise, automated handling and decision making, and orchestration. The single integrated platform is based on the architectural principles of Service Oriented Architecture, Event Driven Architecture and Model Driven Architecture, and built with Java and the open-source Apache Camel.

Scale and complexity

The Be Informed platform is designed as an engine for applications establishing automated processes, customer journeys, compliance and orchestration. Scalability and dealing with complexity are two of our core values. To give you an idea of the extent, we share some numbers our platform has put into practice for our customers

lines of code
years of existence
1 %
growth in two years

What does Xebia say?

Xebia, the leading IT consultancy service, had a look at Be Informed and found;

  • Strategic product development activities enabling scaling up and growth acceleration
  • High-quality software using valuable resources and competencies
  • Positive business results and ability to execute

Read the entire case by downloading it here.

Solutions of the platform

Automated processes

Automated processes are the first step towards the automation of the digital hybrid workforce. Be Informed’s platform can handle any kind of complexity.

Customer journeys

Be Informed is the core of every cross-channel customer experience. Quickly deploy minimal viable products to meet business and customer demands, and then evolve to accelerate success.


Regulations are ever-changing. The Be Informed framework can set up and maintain a compliance program or service so your business keeps pace with regulations rather than chasing them in an attempt to be compliant.


Orchestration is an essential part of any digital strategy to manage the complexity that comes with big data, legacy IT and emerging AI, whilst trying to digitally evolve your business. The Be Informed platform allows you to mix all of these elements together.

Software Escrow

The software developed by Be Informed has been deposited through Software Borg to the IT-notary.

The certificate guarantees Be Informed’s software will remain continuously usable by users.

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