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sanctions for air cargo

What are sanctions and their effect on the air cargo industry?

Compliance with international, country-specific, and regional rules and regulations is of utmost importance for air cargo carriers. Sanctions form a crucial part of the compliance…
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Women in tech: an interview with Vera Pronk

Vera Pronk is a Be Informed specialist at BearingPoint Caribbean. She shares her journey and insights on women in tech, breaking barriers and inspiring change.…
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dynamic case management tips

6 Tips to Maximize Dynamic Case Management Effectivity in Your Business

Dynamic Case Management (DCM) is a process-driven approach to managing complex cases and workflows. As the name implies, it provides a dynamic and adaptable process,…
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Een veelzijdige automatiseringstool die is toegespitst op woningcorporaties. Hier vind je alles wat je wilt en moet weten over WoonBLOX.

Vraag & antwoord over WoonBLOX

Wat is WoonBLOX nu precies?“Het is dé manier om als woningcorporatie volledige controle te hebben en sturing uit te oefenen over je ICT-systemen. Ontbreekt de…
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invest in employees to improve compliance

How to Invest in Employees to Improve Compliance

There is no question that organizations in almost every sector need to comply with specific safety and regulatory requirements. Depending on the field of work,…
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A Practical Guide to Ensure Compliance in the Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing compliance refers to the adherence to regulations and laws that apply to the manufacturing sector. These standards pertaining to environmental protection, health and safety,…
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Rene Louter

Looking back on 2022 with René Louter

René Louter is the CEO of Be Informed. In this interview, René reflects on 2022, highlights some of our great projects, and shares his thoughts…
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