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Social impact and human rights

Social impact and human rights for the air cargo industry

In our previous blogs, we introduced the major ESG challenges that the air cargo industry faces and explored the aspect of environmental sustainability. We have…
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ESG environmental impact

ESG for the air cargo industry: environmental impact

In our previous blog post, we introduced the major ESG challenges that the air cargo industry faces in a day and age that puts a…
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Traditional case management vs. dynamic case management

8 Reasons to Transform Your Traditional Case Management System

You might have already heard that many thriving businesses utilize Dynamic Case Management systems (also known as Adaptive Case Management), as they realize that traditional…
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ESG Air Cargo

ESG for the air cargo industry: what is it, and what’s the impact?

To address shortcomings in the existing rules, the European Council has reached a provisional political agreement to sharpen ESG legislation. The legislation aims to improve…
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benefits of dynamic case management

3 Benefits of Dynamic Case Management

Imagine that you sit at your desk, a colleague comes over with a bunch of folders and papers, gently hitting them on your desk with…
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new ICS2 security regulations

The air cargo industry should prepare for new ICS2 security regulations

Currently, the European Commission is urging the air cargo industry to prepare for the new ICS2 security regulations. These will come into effect in March…
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Woningcorporaties worden veel wendbaarder met behulp van eigen software

Hoe word je als woningcorporatie wendbaarder?

Corporaties hebben continu te maken met veranderingen op maatschappelijk, politiek én economisch vlak. Veranderingen die vrijwel altijd leiden tot aanpassingen in de processen van de…
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hybrid workforce

Hybrid workforce and hyperautomation

Every year, Gartner identifies technology trends that are critical to businesses all over the world. Hyperautomation is their top trend for 2022 because the practice…
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