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Low-Code No-Code

Low-Code vs No-Code

While it seems that the difference is about having to code very little versus not at all, that’s not really the case. It’s more about the people who use it to create applications, and what those applications will be used for.

Business Process Management

What is Business Process Management?

Business Process Management (BPM for short) is a methodology for improving business processes. In this post, we aim to explain BPM through the stages of the continuous life cycle.

Modernize and embrace complexity

In the past weeks we discussed complexity, introduced three dimensions of complexity and helped you assess your own organization. This week we want to share how Be Informed can help your journey to embracing complexity.

Futuristic robot emerging complexity

Disruptions, surprises and reactions

Sometimes the rules do not change, but are simply absent. They need to be made up on the spot. This is the world of emerging complexity. Emerging complexity is characterized by disruptive change and the uncertainty that these disruptions create.

Social complexity with stakeholders

The forces affecting your activities

Social complexity is something we all experience on a daily bases. Therefore, this week we will be diving deeper into how social complexity influences organizations.

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