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Disruptions, Surprises and Reactions

Sometimes the rules do not change, but are simply absent. They need to be made up on the spot. This is the world of emerging complexity. Emerging complexity is characterized by disruptive change and the uncertainty that these disruptions create.

Social complexity with stakeholders

The Forces Affecting your Activities

Social complexity is something we all experience on a daily bases. Therefore, this week we will be diving deeper into how social complexity influences organizations.

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The Increasing Importance of Personalization

Some topics are simply complex in nature and cannot be explained on a single sheet of paper. For example, insurance premiums and pension plans are based on complex actuarial calculations. Government grants and subsidies depend on many regulations. Airline pricing and seating is a continuous and dynamic planning process. You most likely have experienced some of these yourself.

types of complexity

The Three Dimensions of Complexity

All business operations within organizations are affected by numerous factors. Yet did you know these factors can be grouped into three dimensions of complexity?

How Complexity Influences your Organization

Organizations are full of complexity. Whether your organization is small or large, you have certainly experienced how complexity influences your organization. Numerous stakeholders, market uncertainty and new regulations are only several examples of factors influencing complexity.

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Voice, the Next BIG Thing

In a minute you can type around 41 words, while you can speak around 270. And, let’s be honest, isn’t it way easier?


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