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Is samenwerking op ICT-Gebied in de corporatiesector een illusie?

Is samenwerking op ICT-gebied in de corporatiesector een illusie?

IntroductieWoningcorporaties werken regelmatig samen op ICT-gebied, en er zijn talloze mooie voorbeelden van samenwerkingsverbanden. Initiatieven zoals Corponet, Aedes, SWEMP en A+ streven allemaal naar samenwerking.…
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customs compliance

Staying out of trouble: customs compliance in air cargo

Air cargo companies have to deal with a lot of rules and issues when transporting goods between countries. One of the big challenges is customs…
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Geert Rensen - Be Informed Director of Business Development

Employee Spotlight: Meet Geert Rensen, Director of Business Development

Geert Rensen is the Director of Business Development and Co-founder of Be Informed. He’s been part of Be Informed since 2003. In this blog, we…
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compliance in the FMCG sector

Everything You Need to Know About Compliance in the FMCG Sector

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector constitutes a vital component of the global economy, encompassing various products ranging from consumables such as food, beverages, and…
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sanctions for air cargo

What are sanctions and their effect on the air cargo industry?

Compliance with international, country-specific, and regional rules and regulations is of utmost importance for air cargo carriers. Sanctions form a crucial part of the compliance…
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Women in tech: an interview with Vera Pronk

Vera Pronk is a Be Informed specialist at BearingPoint Caribbean. She shares her journey and insights on women in tech, breaking barriers and inspiring change.…
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dynamic case management tips

6 Tips to Maximize Dynamic Case Management Effectivity in Your Business

Dynamic Case Management (DCM) is a process-driven approach to managing complex cases and workflows. As the name implies, it provides a dynamic and adaptable process,…
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Een veelzijdige automatiseringstool die is toegespitst op woningcorporaties. Hier vind je alles wat je wilt en moet weten over WoonBLOX.

Vraag & antwoord over WoonBLOX

Wat is WoonBLOX nu precies?“Het is dé manier om als woningcorporatie volledige controle te hebben en sturing uit te oefenen over je ICT-systemen. Ontbreekt de…
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