Automate decision making, no matter how complex

Your employees should be able to do what they do best. By eliminating repetitive tasks from their schedule, creativity can flourish. This is where automation comes in: by transforming rule-based repetitive work into automated processes, you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and deliver better services to customers. Be Informed takes the robot out of the human.

Move towards a hybrid digital workforce

Automation is essential to establish a hybrid digital workforce. It enables business owners to capture their work methods and knowledge in a non-technical way without manually handling repetition. Automated processes are key. The Be Informed platform handles all levels of complexity with a semantic and meaningful approach, applying declarative models and goal-oriented algorithms to structure decisions.

The platform functions as an overlay, resulting in access to multiple systems in for instance finance, supply chain, procurement, accounting, HR and customer service. By bringing data together without impacting your IT you enjoy a non-invasive integration of information. This orchestrated end-to-end automation gives employees time and space to focus on their own impact and create value.

Implemented solutions

Robotic process automation

Changing regulations, increased complexity and a growing workload. The Dutch Immigration Service noticed all this led to arrears and complaints which taxed the organization beyond limits. The Be Informed platform was applied by partner Accenture to set up intelligent robotic process automation. It’s now used by 3,000 civil servants, supporting over 105,000 immigration procedures per year.

Over 78,000 business rules are integrated in the system. Around 165 process flows (and a lot of exceptions) are standardized into one generic process. This advanced digital automation leads to 45 million euro annual cost savings and 20% FTE headcount re-purposed. Also the time needed to implement legislative changes decreased from 9 months to 2 days.

Digital workforce for customer service

The introduction of new legislation around the reimbursement of chronically ill and handicapped people (WTCG) forced the Central Administration Office to implement a new system for collecting information about health costs incurred and calculating reimbursements.

Our partner BearingPoint introduced the Be Informed platform to set up a digital workforce to process around 3 million indications from value chain partners with an average processing time of 0.28 seconds. More than 2 million customers are registered and 680,000 cases per day are processed. The platform supported 3 call centers and 400 agents, handling 310,000 calls in the first three months. Bringing together data from 6 disparate platforms led to a 98.8% first line resolution rate and a 99.2% straight-through processing ratio.

Automated processes in patent applications

The European Patent Office is set to become one of the most advanced, fully digital patent offices in the world, enabling applicants and inventors to register their patents in the most efficient and cost effective way. Be Informed was selected as a comprehensive and secure system, that digitally deals with patent applications at all stages of the patent grant process.

This includes patent searching, filing the application with the Office, publication, substantive examination, and the processing of legal remedies, such as opposition and appeal. The knowledge-based patent management system helps both those filing a patent application and those overseeing it, through every stage of the process. It supports the filing of over 250,000 patent applications the EPO receives annually, plus the electronic processing of some 2.5 million transactions.

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Some of our customers

Automation knowledge

Rule based repetitive tasks, capturing corporate knowledge and an integration with minimal change are the strong suit of the Be Informed platform. The complexity of diverse data, viability of the platform, and maintenance and sustainability of the solution are managed as well. Even simple standard processes often turn out to have many permutations.

The declarative models and goal oriented algorithms are the answer to this challenge. Automation of knowledge is everchanging. That’s why the models are easily adjusted too with full audit and version management. Grow naturally from a kickstart in the automation of knowledge to a sustainable solution leveraging the platform’s extensive integration capabilities.

Your Solution

From years of experience we know exactly how to help you with your digital development. Together with our partners, we have created solutions in different domains for our customers around the world.

Manage dynamic cases
no matter how complex

Not one case is the same. With Dynamic Case Management, you support case workers in handling the exceptions to the rules. Deliver outstanding customer experiences by breaking free from the inflexibility of traditional business systems.

Create intelligent
digital customer journeys

Anticipate on circumstances, offer the best fitting service and directly deliver customers exactly what they need. With our technology, you turn opportunities into relevant results through personalized customer journeys.

Easily become
end-to-end compliant

Your business changes over the years. Regulations do too. Ideally, you integrate changes in regulation into operational processes and policy through intelligent automation. Impossible? Not quite. Just take the complexity and burden out of compliance.

Connect systems,
technologies & processes

All systems are valuable; legacy is there because it works right? These older systems are stable and contain useful data needed to maintain your business. Time to wrap it all up and bring every piece of information together – without the need for a ‘boil the ocean project’.

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