Features of our platform

We use an end-to-end-perspective to accurately automate every process. The Be Informed platform is fundamental for context driven processes, automated decision making, rule management, and integration of information. An agile time-to-change guaranteed.

Context driven processes

The Be Informed platform deals with complexity, context and the unstructured nature of knowledge work. Compliance with regulations is ensured, while enjoying freedom within constraints.


  • Model the constraints and rules of a process, not the actual order of steps.
  • Describe under which circumstances an activity must be performed (postconditions) and the constraints under which it may be performed (preconditions).
  • All possible routes will seamlessly follow the given constraints.
  • Handle diversity, exceptions and ad hoc process flow in a flexible and controlled manner.

Straight-through processing

  • Achieve the process’ goal in an efficient way, while securing compliance.
  • When information changes, the inferences automatically determine the new route.
  • Facilitate straight-through processing. Even the most complex and lengthy processes can be automated.

Cooperation and audit trail

  • Dynamic user interfaces based on highly customizable authorization rules enable all parties to perform their tasks in the process effectively and efficiently.
  • Integrations with external and expert systems allow true process completion.
  • All events and modifications are automatically logged.
  • The audit trail includes the information used, the decisions made, when and by whom.
  • Real-time management information is given in highly customizable dashboards, reports and graphs.

Scale and complexity

The Be Informed platform is designed as an engine for applications establishing automated processes, customer journeys, compliance and orchestration. Scalability and dealing with complexity are two of our core values. To give you an idea of the extent, we share some numbers our platform has put into practice for our customers

lines of code
years of existence
1 %
growth in two years

Our specs

Looking for the technical specifications of the Be Informed platform? Our whitepaper gives insight into the background of our solution.

Automated decision making

Product and decision models are instantly executable and reusable in both front-end and back-end processes. Offer them as a service to third parties or use them to automate decisions and create a highly contextualized, relevant dialog with your target group.

Model driven decisions​

  • The modeling tools define constraint-based knowledge models that are highly intuitive and human-readable.
  • Ownership is facilitated in a clear manner.
  • No need for code generation or any other translation of business rules into executable programming code.

Automatic and manual support

  • Only relevant rules are applied, based on the situation at hand.
  • When information is missing, users will be asked for input.
  • If all information is available, a decision will be made automatically.
  • Compliance and efficiency is ensured.

Consistent models throughout

  • Integrate decision support into all applications, processes and channels.
  • In that way decisions are based on the same models throughout your organization.
  • Reflect the actual decisions of the process in your communication.
  • Base the contents of documents on the same rules used for decision making.


  • Link business rules to their original source, such as legislation and policy documents.
  • Establish both traceability for rule management and transparency when rules are applied.

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Rule management

Rule management is about defining, capturing, validating, maintaining and monitoring your business rules. Well-considered rule architecture and validations stimulate rule based development. It also gives insight via easy-to-read models and traceability of legislation and policy sources.

Rule architecture

  • Meta models describe the vocabulary and constraints of your business rules.
  • Customize the models to use terms and definitions that are known in your organization.
  • Include the original source in the rule base and link it to the rule to support audit trails and impact analyses.

Sharing and reusing rules

  • Collaborate with team members while Shared Team Repository keeps track of changes in the rule base.
  • Define and establish ownership, responsibilities and reuse other team members’ rules.
  • Rules are automatically published in an online knowledge base to validate, review and share.

Testing and adjusting

  • Rules and processes change over time, as will the model accordingly.
  • Create different versions for a single model. Only one version of a model can be published at a given moment.
  • Use testing measures to avoid regression due to extended regulations and increase in the number of models.
  • The Be Informed Studio supports automated testing of business rules and compares the results with those of domain experts.

Be Informed's know-how

Enthusiastic professionals with a passion for solving digital business challenges. Our developers are here for you to advise and solve any issue, no matter how complex.

Integration of information​

Don’t let the past slow you down. The Be Informed platform is capable to integrate information from various data sources. Legacy or no legacy; with our platform you can generate customer centric conversations based on relevant customer contexts.

Orchestration framework

  • Apache Camel, a versatile open-source integration framework, provides the platform with integration capabilities.
  • It exchanges, routes and transforms data with external systems using various protocols (secure web services, secure messaging, secure file transfer, etc.).

Ontology driven

  • The core of Be Informed is a shared, integrated vocabulary of business concepts.
  • This describes products, services, processes, activities, business rules and policies of the organization.
  • Semantic models capture the business concepts in an accurate, concise and machine-executable, yet comprehensible way for business users.
  • Heterogeneous data sources are mapped to the organization’s ontology, allowing the platform to reason over internal and external heterogeneous data sources.

Acting upon context

  • Build rich customer contexts and get a complete overview by aggregating data from the various interactions through different channels and systems.
  • Combine internal and external customer information with customer product holdings and the various cases the customer was involved in to treat every customer as an individual.
  • Provide highly personalized advice based on the customer context in combination with customer preferences and business rules.

Software Escrow

The software developed by Be Informed has been deposited through Software Borg to the IT-notary.

The certificate guarantees Be Informed’s software will remain continuously usable by users.

Your Solution

From years of experience we know exactly how to help you with your digital development. Together with our partners, we have created solutions in different domains for our customers around the world.

Manage dynamic cases
no matter how complex

Not one case is the same. With Dynamic Case Management, you support case workers in handling the exceptions to the rules. Deliver outstanding customer experiences by breaking free from the inflexibility of traditional business systems.

Create intelligent
digital customer journeys

Anticipate on circumstances, offer the best fitting service and directly deliver customers exactly what they need. With our technology, you turn opportunities into relevant results through personalized customer journeys.

Easily become
end-to-end compliant

Your business changes over the years. Regulations do too. Ideally, you integrate changes in regulation into operational processes and policy through intelligent automation. Impossible? Not quite. Just take the complexity and burden out of compliance.

Connect systems,
technologies & processes

All systems are valuable; legacy is there because it works right? These older systems are stable and contain useful data needed to maintain your business. Time to wrap it all up and bring every piece of information together – without the need for a ‘boil the ocean project’.

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