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Be Informed is an internationally operating digital transformation agency, focused on the automation of knowledge work.

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Our offices

We are based in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Advance in digital transformation

Each organization has recurring processes that are carried out manually. It often involves a certain degree of complexity. Changed laws and regulations, business policies, alternating customer requests, outdated IT applications, complicated decision trees; these are all reasons why it would seem this work needs to be done by a human being. However, actions must be repeated from beginning to end following the same path to achieve the same result each and every time – taking into account all exceptions that apply, risking errors, inconsistency, inefficiency, and a reduced focus on the customer.

A small change in the decision structure has a direct impact on the entire process. After all, people are not always able to implement rules consistently; computers are. On the other hand, people are creative and can come up with new things; computers can’t. With the Be Informed platform, everyone can stick to what they are good at and excel in doing so. Our solutions are the start of agile development.

Agile development solutions

Customer journeys

Be Informed is the core of every cross-channel customer experience. Quickly deploy minimal viable products to meet business and customer demands, and then evolve to accelerate success.


Regulations are ever-changing. The Be Informed framework can set up and maintain a compliance program or service so your business keeps pace with regulations rather than chasing them in an attempt to be compliant.


Orchestration is an essential part of any digital strategy to manage the complexity that comes with big data, legacy IT and emerging AI, whilst trying to digitally evolve your business. The Be Informed platform allows you to mix all of these elements together.

Dynamic Case Management

With Dynamic Case Management,  case workers are supported in handling the exceptions to the rules. Deliver outstanding customer experiences by breaking free from the inflexibility of traditional business systems.

Meet our team

These enthusiastic professionals truly understand complexity. By getting to the bottom of things they are able to always offer the best solutions.

Be Informed's background​

Be Informed was established in 2006. The founders recognized that many organizations are inefficient, lack quality, don’t serve customers well, don’t comply with regulations and have to carry out work that simply is no fun. Enough ground to automate the more complex tasks and leave repetition to the robots. In particular, the financial, logistics and public sector have been given much attention.

Over the years Be Informed has evolved into a digital transformation agency. Nowadays our platform lays the foundation for any agile development involving automation, (complex) data and multiple (legacy) systems.

About our platform

Context driven

The context is integrated into the model, so diversity and complexity of data, systems and services can be dealt with.

Automated decision making

Any type of decision making, no matter how complex, can be automated. Whether this is a proposal, question, problem, claim or other challenging activity.


The straight-through processing and end-to-end-perspective vastly improves the productivity of your IT and business owners.

Agile time-to-change​

The time-to-change can be reduced from months to days, without impacting your IT. Our platform is the foundation for agile development.

Be Informed

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