Developing your solution

In playing to our strengths, our approach to projects supports an agile, iterative and incremental development cycle. We enable continuous validation of requirements and policies through a working application. Our approach leverages and involves co-creation by business and IT stakeholders in multidisciplinary teams.

Discover. Define. Design.

Our development process consists of two phases to make sure the foundation is right, before you start adding the details and behavior of the application.

We start with the ‘what’ in the business design by capturing all the relevant business rules in semantic models.

  • We discover a single, shared vision about the solution and its critical qualities, scope and scale. The most important products, cases, registers and target groups are identified to help structure the problem.
  • We define the relevant components. A level of detail is added to the discovered components to increase understanding and to verify the results of the discover phase.
  • We design a solution. The high-level business design is transformed into an executable end-to-end solution design.

The Be Informed Studio then translates the business design into an executable preview. This way you can immediately experience a working prototype based on the models, rules and relations you have defined.

Detail. Develop. Deliver.

Then the how is added through iterative detailing and expanding of the application behavior, the incorporation of the application in an organization’s enterprise architecture, and application landscape. This way, all the organization’s functional and non-functional requirements are met. 

The how can be added either stepwise or by applying best practice configuration patterns.

  • Details are added to the rules captured in the models and application behavior.
  • Development of integration components and UI customization takes place.
  • We deliver the application into the live environment. Evaluate, and define how to
    further enrich the application in the next version.

Why Be Informed

Be Informed has been successfully delivering intelligent automation to organizations both big and small for over a decade. Solutions made with our intelligent automation platform have achieved significant improvements while our platform has been evolving continuously.

1 %
reduced operational costs
1 %
increased annual revenue
1 %
reduced cost of ownership
1 %
decrease in time to market

Some of our customers


Manage dynamic cases, no matter how complex. 

Create intelligent and personalized digital customer journeys.

Take the complexity and burden out of compliance with end-to-end solutions.

Connect systems, technologies, and processes with orchestration.

Your Solution

From years of experience we know exactly how to help you with your digital development. Together with our partners, we have created solutions in different domains for our customers around the world.

Manage dynamic cases
no matter how complex

Not one case is the same. With Dynamic Case Management, you support case workers in handling the exceptions to the rules. Deliver outstanding customer experiences by breaking free from the inflexibility of traditional business systems.

Create intelligent
digital customer journeys

Anticipate on circumstances, offer the best fitting service and directly deliver customers exactly what they need. With our technology, you turn opportunities into relevant results through personalized customer journeys.

Easily become
end-to-end compliant

Your business changes over the years. Regulations do too. Ideally, you integrate changes in regulation into operational processes and policy through intelligent automation. Impossible? Not quite. Just take the complexity and burden out of compliance.

Connect systems,
technologies & processes

All systems are valuable; legacy is there because it works right? These older systems are stable and contain useful data needed to maintain your business. Time to wrap it all up and bring every piece of information together – without the need for a ‘boil the ocean project’.

Software Escrow

The software developed by Be Informed has been deposited through Software Borg to the IT-notary.

The certificate guarantees Be Informed’s software will remain continuously usable by users.

Be Informed

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