Be Informed for the Logistics Sector

How do you keep up with digitization?

Due to higher volumes, uncountable rules to comply to and increased customer expectations, digitization of all areas of the supply chain is getting more and more important to logistics leaders worldwide.

We reduced manual work, lowered the processing time, increased compliancy and we receive fewer fines."
RIchard van Det
Richard van Det


Solutions created with Be Informed can retrieve, deliver, and analyze data from various (legacy) systems and data sources, with powerful orchestration capabilities. Furthermore, intelligent applications allow you to work with partners by improving digital communication channels and automating manual work to improve efficiency. 

Cargo Compliance

Deal with a rapidly changing landscape and get a grip on regulations, duties, and import/export controls. 

Car Telematics

Monitor driving behavior, reduce accidents and deliver road support by combining real-time data from different systems.


Prepare for persistent digital growth industry-wide and reduce time to market with business apps and customer portals. 

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Characteristics of the platform

Dynamic Case Management

Manage tasks based on priorities and characteristics of the cases. The Be Informed platform is capable of  Dynamic Case Management  (DCM) supporting the complete process of managing public cases individually. All while guaranteeing the follow-up with all the updated regulations and rules affecting every case. 

Customer Journey Automation

Simplify procedures for end-users, minimize operational time and cost, shorten the cycle of traditional procedures, and reduce bureaucracy. Be Informed can help the public and private sector build user-friendly applications allowing users to flexibly manage and have a real-time overview of their status anywhere. 

End-To-End Compliance

Manage rapidly changing rules and regulations by creating intelligent applications through model-driven low-code development. Ensure compliance through audit trails and integrated rule traceability. 


Manage your organizations’ technological debt by bringing all (legacy) systems and data sources together with Be Informed. Create a new basis for digital transformation and start reaping the rewards of technological advancement sooner. 

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