Looking back on 2022 with René Louter

René Louter is the former CEO of Be Informed. In this interview, René reflects on 2022, highlights some of our great projects, and shares his thoughts about the upcoming year.

An incredible journey

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the past year?

I have already been on an incredible journey with Be Informed for quite some time. We have achieved amazing results in the public and financial sector and are also gaining a foothold in the international trade and transport sector. We do this in the Netherlands, of course, but also in the USA, the Middle East, and the UK. During 2022, our journey took us past wonderful new customers, partnerships, and great opportunities.

Continuing our growth

What do you believe made Be Informed successful last year?

We have deliberately chosen to build on the growth of the Be Informed ecosystem together with our partners. And I have to say, our partnerships really are the key to our success. We join forces and use each other’s expertise to grow together. Our results speak for themselves in this regard: we follow an upward trend, which, for us, is a confirmation that we are on the right track.

We are excited about the projects we have completed with our partners and customers and look forward to future collaborations. We value both our long-standing relationships and our newest customers. Our diverse portfolio of clients is something to be really proud of.

Looking back at 2022

Highlighting some of our partners, customers and projects

Can you share your thoughts on some of Be Informed’s most recent projects?

We are becoming a leader in the field of Digital Regulatory Transformation, as our most recent projects show. These projects have been a great success and have added value to our customers’ but also to our own organization. We are grateful to everyone who was involved and contributed to these successes. The entire Be Informed team can be very proud. I can share a few projects we have been working on in the US, in the UK, and in the Netherlands.

To start with: the US market.

eRulemaking is a project that we are currently working on. A while ago, the US Central Government selected a consortium with Be Informed and a few prominent consulting firms to modernize rulemaking in the US. Our assignment focuses on managing and maintaining the existing systems to support the rulemaking process and, at the same time, modernizing the process and the supporting systems.

We’re working on this project together with TNO, the Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research. Our partnership promotes fair and effective regulations via technology-assisted replicable design and implementations of norms. The partnership develops and shares open-standards Legal Engineering and open-source Normative Systems components. In the eRulemaking project, we’re leveraging the open legal knowledge representation standards FLINT and USLM.

In our journey to improve highly regulated industries, we’ve joined forces with Mphasis. Together we aim to deliver high-end decision-support solutions in regulatory and policy encoding. Our partnership will initially focus on contracts, regulations, and policy as data.

Next up is the UK

We’re also working on several solutions to help highly regulated industries in the UK. One of the solutions we’ve played a part in building for a global partner is Customs Clear. This is an import and export customs declaration service to address the enormous and complex challenges of the UK supply chain post-Brexit. Customs Clear automates the submission of customs declarations to His Majesty’s Revenue & Customs for traders and facilitates an open and cost-effective trade facilitation platform for thousands of traders in the UK and, ultimately, worldwide.

And, of course, the Netherlands

As part of the Digital Regulatory Transformation journey that we’re on, one of the Dutch Government agencies selected us to create a Dynamic Case Management system based on the unique needs of this organization. By its very nature, the Dutch Government works with many regulations, and decision-making is an integral part of its day-to-day operations. We will help them to better cope with all these regulations and make it easier for them to make decisions.

At the same time, together with Accenture, we’re working on a ‘documents as data’ solution that helps companies around the world who are dealing with (the maintenance of) enormous amounts of documents.

Last but not least, I would like to highlight two of our innovative solutions

International Trade and Transport Compliance Solution

We have developed the International Trade and Transport Compliance Solution, or in short ITTS. The solution enables organizations to automatically monitor international trade and transportation transactions for potential compliance issues. Besides this, it supports employees in resolving complex transactions while automatically building an audit trail to prove this to regulatory agencies.

WoonBLOX: automating processes for housing associations

With WoonBLOX, we aim to help housing associations. The solution provides process models that can automate processes within a housing association. These can be modified and specified, and new process models can be created. All models are gathered in the WoonBLOX library for other housing associations to share and use. We are convinced that we are making the sector better for all stakeholders with this solution.

Looking forward to 2023

Sounds great! Since Be Informed was and still is involved in many exciting projects, what do you foresee for 2023?

I truly believe that we will make a difference for all stakeholders involved in highly regulated processes. Our solutions enable individuals to concentrate on their strengths and passions, rather than repetitive tasks that drain their energy. Our solutions enable individuals to concentrate on their strengths and passions, rather than repetitive tasks that drain their energy.

All the projects I mentioned above will for sure contribute positively to many people’s daily (work) lives. That makes me proud!

And there’s more.

  • In the US, together with YRCI, we will make the onboarding and many other processes easier for government employees.
  • In the Middle East, with our partner Canon, we will make logistics & transport across the globe safer and more efficient.
  • In the UK, we will help Mercer Marsh Benefits to let employees better understand their benefits and therefore have a better idea of their future.
  • And we keep supporting our partner BearingPoint Caribbean on their journey to help small-scale societies and developing countries to optimize and regulate their Tax and Benefits processes.

Final Words

Any final words you would like to share?

We could never have achieved these successes without the commitment of our
colleagues, our former colleagues, our customers, and our partners.

Thank you all for making our success possible and helping Be Informed conquer the world! On behalf of all our colleagues, we wish you great holidays and a very successful 2023.

Rene Louter

About René Louter
From May 2018 until October 2023, René served as CEO of Be Informed. About the company, he says, “Our business revolves around people. Every day we create value for and with our customers and partners. In doing so, we help companies to let humans make the difference and automate the rest. This is recognized by our people: our highly experienced and professional consultants and engineers. By coming up with our suitable automation solutions, we facilitate companies in genuinely making a difference in their line of business.”
In previous years René was active as the Chief Executive Officer at Emesa, RDC, ASN Group, and as a board member at SNS REAAL.

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