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And learn about how TNO, the Leibniz Institute, and Be Informed improve access to law through norm engineering. 

About TNO

TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research, was founded by law in 1932 with the mission to innovate the public and private sectors. The law forms the solid fundament to allow TNO to act independently from any government, university or company. TNO’s experts collaborate with scientists from academia and professionals from industry to create innovations that matter. To stimulate innovations in Legal Engineering, which combines the fields of Law, ICT and IoT, TNO cooperates with the University of Amsterdam and the Leibniz Institute. Outstanding to their approach is the creation of unambiguous and explicit interpretations of laws, regulations, contracts and other norms that are understandable for humans and processable by computers. In the field of Norm Automation TNO has started to collaborate with the Dutch company Be Informed.

The Partnership

TNO and Be Informed have an open partnership that promotes fair and effective regulations via technology assisted replicable design and implementations of norms. The partnership develops and shares open source Legal Engineering and Normative Systems components. These components feature unambiguous, human and computer readable formal interpretations of norms, as well as certified implementations of components that allow reasoning with regulations, effect and burden calculations, discovery of (in)consistency with other norms and the processing of comments on proposed norms.

A collaboration with proven impact

Working with the University of Amsterdam, Be Informed supported the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) in designing and building INDiGO. INDiGO became operational in 2012 and supports the INDs immigration related case-handling processes. Here, the case-handling software was designed to quickly accommodate changes in regulations by being able to embed the regulations rules in operational case-handling software. From the point of few of innovations in Norm Engineering, INDiGO turned out to be a guiding project. Both at the University of Amsterdam, TNO and BeInformed it triggered research in formal specification of norms, and developments in changeability, accountability, explainability and compliancy of case-handling and decision making software. Now, in 2022, practical and scientific know how has been developed further and validated in projects for the Dutch and US governments.

eRulemaking project

In 2021, Be Informed and TNO have been asked by the US Government to create a demonstrator for the future of eRulemaking, leveraging the open legal knowledge representation standards FLINT and USLM. The demonstrator showed how legal knowledge representation standards can be used to deliver applications that guide policymakers, citizens and regulated entities through complex regulatory domains. Resulting in improved regulations, increased participation of citizens and small companies in the regulatory process, increased compliance and reduced cost of compliance.

How do we do this

In the video below, we explain how our unique FLINT technique works.

The future

TNO and Be Informed will work together to produce know-how and concordant, open source, software components that promotes the use of open standards and tools to improve regulations, reduce administrative burden, increase citizen participation, reduce the cost of compliance.
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With state-of-the-art norm engineering technologies, short-time impact can be achieved in the areas of policymaking, lawmaking and automated support for legal decision making ."
Timon Brussaard
Timon Brussaard
Senior Business Development Manager - TNO

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