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Melis Perchanidis is an allround marketeer at Be Informed. She joined the company in June 2022. In this blog, Melis will share her experience as a new employee of the company and how she has progressed in her personal development.

Curiosity about the IT world

You are one of the newest employees here at Be Informed, as you just joined the team 7 months ago. What are your past experiences?
I studied Advertising and Public Relations at Istanbul University. Working at some top firms, such as DHL Global Forwarding, Havas Worldwide, and TBWA, was a great opportunity to learn a lot about all kinds of different sectors. In my advertising career, I worked together with Coca Cola, Peugeot, Nutella, LG Electronics and so on. After couple of years, I moved to the Netherlands. I continued working in the communication world here, and while I was doing my master’s degree at Amsterdam University, I encountered a job opportunity at Be Informed.

Why did you decide to work for an IT company like Be Informed?
The allround marketeer position exactly fits into my previous experience. Moreover, I am intensely curious about the world of IT. When it comes to IT developments, a lot is happening worldwide. I wanted to get to know more about that. And last but not least, Be Informed is an international company that provides a multicultural environment to work in. Consequently, I’ve decided that Be Informed is the right place to continue my career and improve my skills.

Would you also have developed this interest had you stayed in Turkey or was this interest developed when you came to the Netherlands?
While I was living in Istanbul, I was closely following and observing the developments that were taking place. But I do have the feeling that moving to the Netherlands gave me the opportunity to develop myself more practically in this field.

Melis Perchanidis

Passion for content creation

Can you tell us about your responsibility in the marketing team?
As the name implies, as an allround marketeer, I am responsible for 360-degree marketing activities for our solutions. There are the regular marketing activities that we implement and follow every day. Besides, we are constantly brainstorming about new plans, projects and ideas. Also, I am the crazy content writing lady of the team. I can do my research and write with passion for hours: the more challenging the topic is, the better.

What do you like the best about your job?
I feel that I am learning something new every day. To us, every case and every customer is unique. This makes it interesting and challenging at the same time. Next to that, we are applying multichannel marketing, which means I have to pay attention and focus every minute, everyday, which makes me excited and eager to get things done.

Work with open-minded and supportive colleagues

What surprised you the most during your first month working at Be Informed?
At Be Informed, people are open-minded and they like brainstorming. I have the impression that Be Informed is really open to change, as the organization is really agile and wants to move forward. I can share my ideas with my colleagues and they are always interested and willing to consider. This motivates me. Moreover, they honestly care about your self-improvement. Every single colleague I met was extremely helpful and asked me about my future professional plans and this attitude hasn’t changed so far. Based on my previous experience with such rooted companies, this was surprising for me.

What are the things you found most challenging during your first few months?
I would instantly say “the IT way of living.” In the IT sector, there is a unique language and working style. It also depends on what topics you are working on. During my first month, I kept taking notes and asking my colleagues “what they really meant by this” very often. But thankfully, they are always open to help, so I was able to write my first blog article after one month only. And now, after five months at Be Informed, I can use words such as “normative sources” in a sentence. Hooray!

How have you seen yourself grow over the past months?
Way more than I expected. For instance, I had basic design skills. After a few months, I was able to create both content and design for our first Dynamic Case Management eBook. My team always gives me the space to grow, and thinks that the best way to learn is by doing. So naturally, it feels like I grow every day.

Customer-focused company culture

What do you think is the most unique thing that Be Informed can do for our customers?
I don’t want to sound like American advertising in the 50s, but they do care. They care about improvement and making a difference, treating each single customer as a unique association. All colleagues I’ve worked with so far have an intense passion for what they are doing. They are really dedicated to delivering to our customers. And customers can easily see and benefit from the reflection of this dedication. Also, we are working with the customer, not just for the customer. Or, as I would like to say: we don’t give them a fish. We teach them how to fish.

What wisdom would you give to potential employees about to join the team?
Take your time. Ask and listen a lot, take notes, enjoy the ride, and start thinking about your personal development plan, because they will ask about it. People are nice and friendly, so you can (and must) ask anything, especially in your first months! After a couple of times, you will feel like a member of a cool tribe, and everything will feel even better.

Do you want to be a part of our IT heroes team? Check out our job openings here.

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