Martijn Steffers – Employee Spotlight Interview

Get to know the Be informed staff worldwide. We want to share the story of Be Informed through the eyes of our professionals.

In today’s interview, we meet Martijn Steffers, our Director of Sales and Marketing at Be Informed HQ.

Can you tell us about your role within the company as a Director of Sales & Marketing?

I am responsible for developing our sales & marketing strategies and translating this strategy into our online and offline activities. By executing these activities, I hope to show people the platform that I’m so proud of, what Be Informed can do for them, and what makes us unique.

Intelligent process automation is what we do. But not everyone is aware of what that exactly means. I work with interested and potential partners. During the sales process I showcase the benefits of our low code application development platform, and how it will suit their unique needs.

Can you tell us something about the team you work with?

My team consists of professionals who focus on promoting our platform through online media, our website, at conferences or through face to face conversations. We dedicate each day to communicating about the possibilities of our low code platform, as well as highlighting all the opportunities for digital transformation that come with it.

The Be Informed platform can be deployed for pretty much anything revolving around intelligent automation. How do you show your prospects that Be Informed is a good solution for their unique issue?

These days, all organizations must deal with rapid changes. This is a world in which customers demand personalized interactions; legislators impose new rules, technology develops faster than ever, and stakeholders have higher expectations. Therefore, it’s essential that organizations can adapt rapidly in this changing environment. It’s impossible to be progressive when your processes are rigid and inflexible, because they run on old systems. I show companies how agile our platform works and how agile you become as an organization when you automate processes with Be Informed.

What are, in your opinion, the main USP’s of the platform?

For me, the main USP is that the Be Informed platform uses rule-based automation through goal-oriented decision making. The platform can apply the correct rules to the process, which may be different for individual use cases. For example, these rules can be legal rules, policy rules, acceptance rules, or customer journey rules. With our platform, processes are dynamic. By describing the rules and the constraints of the process, and not the process itself, it’s possible to incorporate thousands of rules while maintaining comprehensibility and adaptability. This way, the process is personalized, which facilitates a customer centric user experience.

What are recurring challenges you often observe with organizations showing interest in digital transformation and becoming future proof? How does Be Informed tackle these challenges? 

What we often see is that companies have trouble making choices and getting started. They are used to investigating all possible scenarios up front, and to have all specifications clear before we start the development process. However, that may unintentionally develop into a long decision-making process, unnecessary difficulties, and insufficient involvement of the client.

Be Informed tackles this by shaping processes in comprehensible models which are immediately executable. This allows you to get started quickly and iteratively improve the application. Furthermore, because the models are easily readable, the process will be recognizable by business owners and clients and in this way increase client involvement. This increases the chances of creating a successful application.

During your time at Be Informed, what has been the most memorable moment you have experienced?

Every time we show a company how we automate a process I get goosebumps from the positive responses. That’s because we can put a process in a model right then and there, and immediately show the working application. That speed of creating working applications surprises these organizations, pretty much without exception.

What are your hopes or visions for our industry?

I foresee that process modeling will grow exponentially at the expense of traditional coding. As a result, the role of many IT departments will also be different, and everyone with and without technological knowledge will be able to be a part of the automation process.

In addition to process automation, we see that our platform is increasingly being implemented as an orchestrator by being deployed as an overlaying platform. I believe that automation and orchestration must go hand in hand to get the most out of your technologies and automated processes.

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