How to ensure export compliance control with the right checks and tools

In our previous blog post, we introduced you to export compliance and showed you why it is so incredibly important for the modern air cargo industry and other transporters. A good framework and the right export control compliance tools allow you to properly manage and guide your export from start to finish, remaining compliant with all the necessary international and country-specific transport, import and export regulations.

In this follow-up article, we will show you how to draw up a good framework to ensure export control compliance. We’ll also tell you why a highly specialized tool like ITTS has the necessary features and capabilities to ensure proper export compliance control.

The necessary features of a good export compliance framework for air cargo organizations

A good export compliance framework for air cargo organizations should have a number of basic features. Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

Automatic document checks

Manually checking all of your documents against the often huge number of applicable import and export regulations is a time-consuming and error-prone process. A good export compliance system should allow you to perform this task in an automated fashion and return the results of compliance checks in a matter of seconds. 

Determine the context of a compliance check

A good export compliance solution also allows you to determine the context of a specific compliance check. What countries are involved in the transport process? And do you have to abide by country-specific rules, regulatory regimes or both? 

Sanction and black list checks

Some countries may have embargoes or sanctions in place, which means you might not be able to ship goods there. For example, several countries (EU, US) currently prohibit the export of certain products to Russia as a sanction for Putin’s war in Ukraine, while the Russians have also prohibited the export of a number of goods to countries that support the sanctions against the Russian Federation. 

Additionally, there are also blacklisted organizations or individuals you are not allowed to trade with. Good export compliance frameworks and tools are able to automatically identify sanctioned countries and ‘no-go parties’.

export control compliance

How ITTS helps

ITTS is an export compliance tool that combines all of the aforementioned capabilities and more. Let’s take a look at how the solution helps you build an excellent compliance framework for all your air cargo operations.

Checks all relevant documents

Every time you receive booking requests, air waybills and house waybills with shipment details, ITTS automatically uses the information from these messages to perform a series of compliance checks. Subsequently, it returns the results of these checks in less than one second. The solution can check cargo shipments as well as passenger itineraries and is scalable regarding the number of checks that it can perform. Compliance check requests can be submitted as air waybills, IATA ONE records, or proprietary formats via several channels.

Processes requests in clearly defined steps

After receiving the compliance check request, ITTS will process every request using several clearly-defined steps. These are:

  • Creating the cargo shipment compliance dossier.
  • Determining the context of the compliance check. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with countries or regulatory regimes.
  • Performing the relevant checks, such as a sanction list check, export control check and internal blacklist check.

These checks are provided as standard features in ITTS. You can add other checks and risk assessments on demand.

Supports staff with relevant information

ITTS enables airline operational staff and officials to investigate potential compliance issues, assess the shipments for compliance, and obtain the necessary approvals, licenses, or exemptions. Procedures for airline-specific approval can be configured to ensure internal procedures are followed.

The solution’s predictive analytics can signal high-risk shipments and cargo and support staff by providing them with all of the relevant information needed for inspection of shipments and cargo. This way, staff can select specific suspicious shipments or cargo to perform manual checks. After all the necessary checks are conducted, ITTS will notify the requester and, if needed, the relevant authorities of the results of the compliance check.

Proves to authorities that you are compliant

ITTS ensures that the process of compliance checking runs in a smoother and more efficient manner. In the background, the tool will check all transactions for compliance and automatically build a comprehensive compliance check dossier, enabling airlines to prove compliance to the authorities. Airline compliance staff will only be involved when there is a potential compliance issue. This helps you to reduce manual work, avoid failures, be more efficient and stay compliant.

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