gluoNNet and Be Informed join forces to create a compliance solution

The Netherlands – 21 June 2022 | Safeguarding compliance in international trade is more important and tricky than ever. Companies have to deal with ever more complex regulatory frameworks (both on the international and regional level) and face higher fines and serious reputation damage if they fail.

To lend companies a helping hand and ensure compliance at all times, gluoNNet and Be Informed have partnered up to create a high-quality and comprehensive compliance solution for international trade.

About gluoNNet

gluoNNet has been a solution partner of Be Informed since 2021. gluoNNet is a big data enterprise start-up that provides its customers with evidence-based analysis to facilitate effective and efficient decision-making. It performs knowledge discovery using Visual, Graph Analytics and Machine Learning (including Quantum Machine Learning) for logistics, transportation, and business knowledge. It operates for both the private and public sectors to maximize social impact. It is based on knowledge exchange and data analysis technology from CERN and has conducted common research with CERN openlab. 

The gluoNNet team has extensive and varied careers with a range of technical expertise in cutting-edge technologies (Graph Networks, Artificial Intelligence) and share a common passion to produce positive economic and social impact through lasting solutions. Furthermore, gluoNNet team members are actively involved in academic research on these topics.

gluoNNet delivers Software as a Service (SaaS) which enables high-quality data intelligence and foresight services to the Corporate and the Humanitarian Aid Sector, as well as Social Enterprises that provide diagnostic intelligence to the public & private sector.

About Be Informed

Be Informed was founded in 2006. The founders recognized that many organizations operate inefficiently, lack quality, don’t serve customers well, don’t comply with regulations, and have to carry out a lot of work that is repetitive and downright boring. Reason enough to automate the more complex tasks and leave repetitive tasks that don’t require human intellect to the robots. Be Informed has a strong focus on industries like finance, logistics and the public sector. 

Over the years, Be Informed has evolved into a digital transformation agency whose platform lays a strong foundation for agile development. This includes automation, managing and analyzing (often complex) data, but also modernizing and integrating multiple (legacy) systems.

The result of co-creation: an international compliance solution

gluoNNet and Be Informed have joined forces to create their  International Trade and Transport Compliance Solution (ITTS). But what is it, and what does it do? ITTS is a fully integrated compliance and risk management solution for transboundary movements. The application is powered by Be Informed, whilst gluoNNet is responsible for the predictive analysis functionalities that ITTS harbors. Predictive analysis allows for efficient inspections of cargo and leads to time and cost savings for inspectors, freight forwarders, carriers and shippers.

Daily, thousands of containers pass through ports around the globe. Inspecting all of these containers takes time and is costly as it causes major disruptions to trade. ITTS provides a work management capability that assists in risk management and allows you to make effective inspection decisions.  

ITTS also supports government agencies that want to ensure that everybody in their territories complies with their regulations. It allows for risk management and gives users the opportunity to make effective inspection decisions. ITTS also contributes to the WTO TFA Article 7.4 of risk management. ITTS guides attention to suspicious incidents or changes in the behavior of freight forwarders, carriers or shippers. These warnings allow us to make informed decisions, ask the right inspection questions and request the best supporting documentation.

More Information

Would you like to know more about the ITTS solution that Be Informed and gluoNNet have created? Then be sure to check out this page. You can always contact us for additional information or a quick introduction to ITTS.  

Talk to our experts!

Geert Rensen
Director Business Development

Daniel Dobos
Founder – gluoNNet

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