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Companies are seizing new opportunities through new business models, whether it’s raising the bar on customer service or exploring new sources of revenue. But are you also raising the bar on digital transformation? If old systems or integrations are holding your organization back, it’s time to move towards smarter solutions. Major companies have already taken grand steps in that direction with Be Informed.

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Solution Characteristics

Automated processes

Streamline all your processes, automate repetitive tasks and make sure your employees do what they do best. Offer your customers the best service and increase customer satisfaction.

Online portal

Increase customer satisfaction and employees’ efficiency by using an intelligent self-service online portal. Portals will help customers step-by-step to complete their customer journey, while reducing the workload for employees and improving communication 

Pro-active advice

Sitting back, waiting for something to happen is outdated. Give your customers pro-active advised based on the data you gather and make sure they experience the benefits of being your customer.

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Ertuğrul Sezik

Founder Finnova Solutions


AXA GO is a connected car insurance solution with highly personalized customer journeys and personal pricing. Policy holders have access to their personal driving score, insurance rates, security alert, and vehicle information. In order to make the service a reality, AXA Sigorta achieved to integrate 5 different systems with a total of 25 integration points with Be Informed. 

Ertuğrul Sezik, founder of Finnova Solutions, our partner who helped building the AXA GO solution tells us more about the development.

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