Centralized Benefits Solutions

Streamline the delivery of social benefits in compliance with legislation and regulations.

Globally, local and national governments face an increase in social security and medical costs. Social benefits systems are becoming increasingly complex, and citizens are expecting high-quality modern solutions. There’s a need for clever and efficient solutions. Solutions that help to forecast and manage social benefits and provide the required flexibility as regulations are subject to change.

Be Informed

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Solution Characteristics

Centralized social benefits

Be Informed can be implemented for all-in-one solutions to ensure the highest levels of end-user satisfaction. All applications and services can be integrated and come together in one central portal. The Be Informed platform helps governments to deliver the right social benefits to citizens, ensuring the cross-check of all involved data while complying with all social security regulations.

Manage social benefits

The Be Informed platform delivers Dynamic Case Management (DCM) supporting the complete process of managing the social benefit requests individually. All while guaranteeing the follow-up with all the updated regulations and rules affecting every case.

Guide citizens

Simplify the procedure for citizens, minimize operational time and cost, shorten the cycle of traditional procedures, and reduce bureaucracy. The Be Informed platform can help governments build user-friendly applications that allow citizens to flexibly manage and have a real-time overview of their social benefit accounts anywhere.

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BearingPoint Caribbean

BearingPoint Caribbean helps governments perform better, faster and smarter. They are on top of digital transformation, to improve efficiency and compliance.

Multi Benefit Solution

Be Informed Partner BearingPoint Caribbean developed the Multi Benefit Solution (MBS) with the Be Informed platform. MBS streamlines benefit delivery in compliance with all relevant regulation, compiled in one system. Citizens are guided through often complex eligibility identification, and can control and monitor their benefits through one central user-friendly portal.

Be Informed

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