Intelligent Permitting Solutions

Streamline permitting processes through intelligent solutions and seamlessly connect approval teams and applicants.

Improve citizen-satisfaction by simplifying the permitting procedure for citizens, investors, and companies. Increase operations across government organizations and employee efficiency by reducing costs and workloads and dedicate more time for other tasks within your organization.

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Solution Characteristics

Faster permitting and licensing

Be Informed streamlines the permitting and licensing processes in three steps: Applications, Assessments, and Approvals. Guarantee compliance with constantly changing regulations and simplify the complexity of requests and applications through efficient processing. 

Increase permit applicants’ satisfaction

With an intelligent permitting solution built with Be Informed, it’s possible to eliminate long queues, manual processing, and complex procedures. Develop a citizen-friendly platform to prevent applicants from losing their way in dealing with several government departments and complicated processes. Streamline communication between parties involved in permit issuing in both private and public organizations.  

Online portal

Increase citizen satisfaction and employees’ efficiency by using an intelligent self-service online portal. Portals will help citizens step-by-step to complete the application process, while reducing the workload for caseworkers and improving communication 

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BearingPoint Caribbean

BearingPoint Caribbean helps governments perform better, faster and smarter. They are on top of digital transformation, to improve efficiency and compliance.

Use Case

Be Informed Partner BearingPoint Caribbean developed the Multi Permits Solution (MPS) with the Be Informed platform. MPS is an intelligent system for covering all front- and back office workflows regarding permitting, allowing citizens and business access to faster permit services while reducing cost of operation.

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Use case

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