Evolve your organization

Evolve your organization

Be Informed is the agile accelerator for your digital development. Achieve the next level in efficiency, significantly increase customer satisfaction and create new value out of your existing resources. Harness the power of intelligent automation through the Be Informed platform.

What we do

We strive for enhancing your organization’s capabilities through intelligent automation.

We believe intelligent automation enables you to create new value using existing resources. Solutions built with the Be Informed platform are able to automate complex repetitive processes, ensure full compliance with regulations and business rules, create a fully automated, dynamic customer journey, and connect existing systems.

Our platform is there for the solutions you need. Have a look at solutions made by our partners and customers below.


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Use cases

Industry Solutions

From years of experience we know exactly how to help you with your digital development. Together with our partners, who are domain experts, we have created solutions for our customers in different industries around the world.

Financial Sector

The financial services industry experiences increasing pressure from customer demands, regulations, (non)financial risks, legacy IT, and rapid innovators in the fintech and insurtech space. 

Logistics Sector

Due to higher volumes, uncountable rules to comply to and increased customer expectations, digitization of all areas of the supply chain is more crucial than ever before.

Public Sector

The rapid pace of technological change is having an impact on how public services are delivered to the public. Traditional approaches do no longer suffice; start meeting todays citizen expectations.

Why Be Informed

Be Informed has been successfully delivering intelligent automation to organizations both big and small for over a decade. Solutions made with our intelligent automation platform have achieved significant improvements while our platform has been evolving continuously.

reduced operational costs
1 %
increased annual revenue
1 %
reduced cost of ownership
1 %
decrease in time to market
1 %

Who we are

We are an internationally operating organization headquartered in the Netherlands and active across Europe, the Americas and Oceania. With additional offices and the UK and USA and our driven multicultural team we are working every day on bringing intelligent automation to our partners and customers.

Be Informed

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Characteristics of the platform

Dynamic Case Management

Not one case is the same. With Dynamic Case Management, you support case workers in handling the exceptions to the rules. Deliver outstanding customer experiences by breaking free from the inflexibility of traditional business systems.

Customer Journey Automation

Anticipate on circumstances, offer the best fitting service and directly deliver customers exactly what they need. With our technology, you turn opportunities into relevant results through personalized customer journeys.

End-To-End Compliance

Your business changes over the years. Regulations do too. Ideally, you integrate changes in regulation into operational processes and policy through intelligent automation. Impossible? Not quite!


All systems are valuable; legacy is there because it works right? These older systems are stable and contain useful data needed to maintain your business. Time to wrap it all up and bring every piece of information together.

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