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Customs authorities play a critical role in the economic competitiveness of nations by providing expedited clearing processes and implementing effective controls that secure revenue, ensure compliance with national laws and protect society. Next to efficient and effective customs procedures, they should be proactive in making it easy for organizations to comply with regulations, reduce the cost of participating in international trade, and thus stimulate a nation’s economic competitiveness.

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ITTS for Customs Authorities

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Selecting the riskiest shipments

Customs officials need to inspect every shipment to see whether the information provided about the shipment is correct. The solution automatically checks all customs declarations against all applicable import and export regulations. It can be integrated with container scanners to compare information from declarations with image scans. ITTS ensures all declarations are checked electronically and runs a risk assessment on all declarations, flagging the riskiest declarations. Based on this information, the tool can signal which containers need to be scanned.

Influencing Compliance Behavior

A sizable portion of traders still requires
assistance to stay compliant, for example in determining which laws apply to their circumstances and which documents they require. Therefore, a service-oriented attitude toward traders is crucial to promote voluntary compliance.

With ITTS, customs authorities help importers, exporters, and logistic service providers to become compliant by providing them with virtual advice on all required licenses and documents. This increases the number of compliant declarations, which saves time for customs authorities.

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Trade Continuity

While supporting the handling of inspection results, ITTS creates an audit trail of these results to demonstrate compliancy to regulators. The results are fed back into the predictive algorithm in order to improve the Risk Assessment. This way, the system continuously improves and adapts to suspicious behavior patterns, toward the most efficient inspections of cargo and leads to time and cost savings as well as avoids the congestion in the ports to streamline trade flow processes.

Interpretation of rules and regulations

Customs authorities can help traders comply with regulations at a lower cost (and improve the investment climate) if they can make the regulations easy to understand. Flint is a methodology and open standard that enables customs organizations to publish regulations in a way that humans can comprehend and computers can process. Traders can be assisted in complying with regulations by adopting intelligent services that guide them through the process. Using Flint, it becomes possible to combine regulations from different countries and government agencies and provide traders transparent access to regulations across the globe.

Customs Authorities Whitepaper

ITTS Customs Authorities Whitepaper

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RIchard van Det

Richard van Det

Richard van Det is manager Digital Cargolabs Schiphol at Cargonaut, a Dutch company managing information flows in airfreight. He tells us about the solution they’re developing based on the Be Informed platform: The Compliance Checker

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The airfreight industry is constantly evolving. One of the developments is the increasing availability of data.

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