Air Cargo Europe 2023

It was great to meet you at Air Cargo Europe 2023. The event was an incredibly informative and valuable experience. Explore and download our solution whitepapers below to learn how ITTS can help you grow your business.

See it yourself 

See the ITTS Solution yourself 

Below are the whitepapers and resources about ITTS that you can download and explore.


Play Video about Air Cargo Happy Flow

Happy Flow Demo Video

ITTS automatically checks shipments against
international regulations and internal policies. This demo shows a scenario where all the required documents are in place and compliant.

Good Hits Demo Video

This demo shows a transaction that has a problem with the goods. ITTS performs multiple checks at multiple points and supports investigating & validating hits to obtain the necessary approvals, licenses, or exemptions.

Play Video about Air Cargo Good Hits
Play Video about Air Cargo Sanctions Screening

ITTS Sanctions Screening

ITTS checks over 1000 lists of sanctions, regulations, and compliance data in over 100 languages every 5 minutes. Mitigating sanctions and export compliance risk is not only possible but also excellent for efficiency.

ITTS Predictive Analysis

ITTS analyzes hundreds of thousands of documents, much more than any human could process, and interconnects information. For example, all airline, shipper, airport, or cargo appearances across all documents are merged. 

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RIchard van Det

Richard van Det

Richard van Det is manager Digital Cargolabs Schiphol at Cargonaut, a Dutch company managing information flows in airfreight. He tells us about the solution they’re developing based on the Be Informed platform: The Compliance Checker

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The airfreight industry is constantly evolving. One of the developments is the increasing availability of data.

Collecting and making the data accessible to the right parties is an essential part of a faster, better, and smarter flow of goods at, and around, Schiphol Airport.

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ITTS Air Cargo


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International Trade and Transport Compliance

ITTS for Customs Authorities


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Customs Authorities Whitepaper


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