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What if there is a way to make regulations more transparent and accessible?

ITTS empowers air cargo organizations to understand and comply with international trade regulations. ITTS makes global trade simpler, faster, and more cost-effective, from checking shipment requirements to resolving compliance issues. It's an all in one easy-to-use web-based interface.

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See the ITTS Solution yourself 

ITTS - the air cargo compliance management solution

Ushering in a new era of compliance 

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Global Sanctions & Export Control Screening

Manual compliance checks become a thing of the past. As soon as a booking is received, ITTS conducts thorough checks against over 1000 sanction lists available in over 100 languages every 5 minutes. At the same time, every import and export control is also checked. 

Continuous Compliance Verification

ITTS goes above and beyond, our system automatically examines shipments against the growing number of regulations and your internal policies.

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Seamless Integration and Real-Time Results

Through seamless integration with the organization’s existing air cargo infrastructure via APIs built on IATA standards, ITTS seamlessly integrates into the organization’s current workflow. The comprehensive compliance check results are delivered in a split second, saving employees valuable time and effort.

One Centralized Platform

No more hopping between multiple platforms or systems. ITTS provides a unified platform where employees can access all compliance check details, monitor workflows, and track case statuses. It’s a streamlined experience, putting all the information you need right at your fingertips.

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International Trade and Transport Compliance

ITTS Air Cargo Whitepaper

Read more about our ITTS solution for the air cargo industry and get to know all the benefits.

RIchard van Det

Richard van Det

Richard van Det is manager Digital Cargolabs Schiphol at Cargonaut, a Dutch company managing information flows in airfreight. He tells us about the solution they’re developing based on the Be Informed platform: The Compliance Checker

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The airfreight industry is constantly evolving. One of the developments is the increasing availability of data.

Collecting and making the data accessible to the right parties is an essential part of a faster, better, and smarter flow of goods at, and around, Schiphol Airport.

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Building the world largest database

Building the world’s largest compliance database Sanctions lists, export control regulations, law enforcement notices, and other compliance data are available in different languages and data architectures. To solve this problem, we are building the world’s largest compliance database.

We check publicly available lists, regulations, and compliance data every 5 minutes. Our platform is powered by automated data ingestion, underpinned by a proprietary architecture, and easily accessible through powerful search capabilities.

  • Providing up-to-date data by checking publicly 1000+ lists for updates every 5 minutes
  • A robust search algorithm provides solid results for the most challenging cases while minimizing false positives, including reversal, concatenation, and punctuation
  • Search in 100+ languages, even in Arabic, Russian and Chinese
  • Superior data quality through automated data cleaning, standardization, and extraction of key items like IDs and addresses from unstructured data

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International Trade and Transport Compliance


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