The Robo Orchestrator

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The Robo Orchestrator solution has an end-to-end focus on processes and outcomes, a central repository of business logic and creates an outstanding hybrid workforce by triggering the bots at the right time and delivering tasks to humans when needed or desired.

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Challenges in Robotic Process Automation

In recent years, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been considered the great promise for digital transformation. Many organizations have successfully adopted RPA to automate tasks in customer service, HR and finance. Unfortunately the promise of RPA to remove headcount from inefficient business processes has not yet materialized. Most RPA implementations automate tasks and require humans to operate bots to complete a simple task. This usually only results in small reductions in labor needs. Rarely enough to reduce headcount. The major issue with RPA today is that it is automating piecemeal tasks. Realizing real benefits requires RPA to be part of an integrated strategy with:

An end-to-end focus is required to ensure that not only seperate tasks are performed efficiently, but the entire process is efficient, so that it meets up to customer expectations. Also, an end-to-end focus enables integrated reporting and makes creating an audit trail to prove compliance possible.

Business Logics need to be in a central repository to enable capturing more complex business logic and make managing & adjusting them less time consuming. This also enables explaining on which grounds a decision has been taken.

Creating a hybrid workforce is required significantly free up your employees time, because they won’t have to spend time on operating and supervising bots. Next to that a hybrid workforce enables effective workload management in order to achieve SLA’s.

Central repository of business logic

  • Bots are not in the right place to capture complex business logic.
  • Managing change with business logic dispersed over many bots is challenging.
  • Explaining on which grounds a decision has been taken is difficult with a large army of bots.

An end-to-end focus on processes & outcomes

  • Automation of stand-alone tasks does not guarantee efficient outcomes nor satisfied customers.
  • An audit trail to prove compliance across a motley crew of bots and scripts is virtually impossible.
  • Reporting on performance and improvement opportunities is complicated.

Effective management of a hybrid workforce

  • Significant time savings are impossible when humans are required to operate  and supervise bots.
  • Without effective management of workloads across a hybrid workforce, it is impossible to achieve SLA’s

Our Hyperautomation solution

To overcome these restrictions, an integrated strategy is needed to provide a long-term solution.
Therefore we developed a hyperautomation solution, the Robo Orchestrator, to augment task-based RPA and AI/ML implementations. The solution manages, automates and orchestrates long-lived cross organization end-to-end business processes.
It combines the Be Informed intelligent model driven automation and orchestration platform with:
Process Assessment, Process Intelligence, Robotic Proces Automation and End-to-End Process Automation.

Be Informed Hyperautomation Solution

The Robo Orchestrator

With our hyperautomation solution, low-value tasks are optimally performed with automation tools, Machine Learning and advanced Artificial Intelligence. Outputs can be produced automatically and run efficiently with little to no human intervention. A caseworker is only involved when a human check is necessary. Hyperautomation in collaboration with humans can as a result create a workplace that is always informedagile, and able to use data and insights for quick and accurate decision-making.

Boost Workforce Efficiency​​
  • Orchestration of multi-vendor RPA-tools for end-to-end process automation.
  • 30 – 40% in time reduction of repetitive, high volume, and manual tasks to reduce manual workload.
  • A rewarding working environment where humans cooperate seamlessly with the digital workforce.
  • 20 – 30% efficiency gain.
Always in Control​​
  • One central repository of your business rules and logic with direct integration services/ APIs to other enterprise platforms, applications, devices and AI services.
  • Assessment of business processes by visualizing and identifying all activities within the process.
  • Clustered capabilities in three categories: Business-, Document- and Mission Intelligence.
  • Realtime strategic insights to improve business performance.
Agile Growth​​
  • A customer-centric approach.
  • Increase compliance.
  • Easy adaptable to regulatory change.
  • Scalability, agility and 
    growth-solution based 
    on a long-term vision.
Robo Orchestrator whitepaper

Whitepaper Robo Orchestrator

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Taking the bot our of the human

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The Robo Orchestrator


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