Treat each customer uniquely, according to their needs and provide only what is relevant to them. Stay ahead of competition and reach high satisfaction rates while decreasing costs.

Banks today must deal with increasing pressure of digitalization, while coping with large technical debt at the same time. Customers require personalized services, suiting their unique needs, with immediate gratification anywhere, anytime. Intelligent banking solutions created with Be Informed aid banks worldwide in digital transformation.

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Solution Characteristics

Improved customer journeys

Offer your customers a personalized experience and give them a reason to choose your services over those of competitors. Allow your customers to receive top-notch and consistent services, anytime, anywhere. Both at the branch and through online channels.

Connect all systems

Get your customers up and ready faster than ever before by simplifying the onboarding process, and make even the most complicated requests seem simple.

Be Informed connects all systems, technologies, and data, so even the most complex processes become seamless. For both your workers and your (self-service) customers.

Ensure compliance

Eliminate repetitive manual tasks, and streamline processes in predetermined business rules with Be Informed. Avoid risking fines and manage fast changing regulations to always ensure compliance. 

Major Bank Solution video

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Major Bank

This bank has offices in over 40 countries worldwide, and offers various banking, insurance, and asset management services.

Use Case

One of the largest and well-known banks in the world has used the Be Informed platform to ensure compliance. With the solution built on the Be Informed platform, they were able to get updates on the newest rules and regulations every 12 minutes, and they were able to automatically apply those regulations on all their systems and operations, seamlessly, effortlessly, and continuously.

Be Informed

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