Tax Administration Solutions

Increase tax revenue through enhanced compliance and superior public services at a lower cost of operations.

Taxes keep our communities up and running. They balance government budgets and create funding for public initiatives. Investments in key priorities like education, healthcare and infrastructure depend on the government’s ability to generate sufficient tax revenue.

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Solution Characteristics

Increase tax revenue

Straight-through processing of tax revenues returns to eradicate backlogs and free up time for staff to focus on non-compliant taxpayers. Improved data collection and integrated business analytics to enable taxpayer profiling, identify non-compliant cases and improve enforcement.

Superior service

Intelligent online portals with pre-filled tax returns, instant validation of data, and interactive support for citizens help deliver superior service to taxpayers and make it possible to outsource a substantial part of the administrative work to the taxpayers. Superior public service facilitates voluntary compliance and enables more stringent enforcement of those unwilling to comply.

Reduce cost of operations

Automated decision making to ensure that most work processes can be handled without any human intervention by capturing regulations and business rules in a central repository independent of the application code.

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BearingPoint Caribbean

BearingPoint Caribbean helps governments perform better, faster and smarter. They are on top of digital transformation, to improve efficiency and compliance.

Multi Tax Solution

Be Informed Partner BearingPoint Caribbean developed the Multi Tax Solution (MTS) with the Be Informed platform. MTS helps governments to increase compliance, improve cash flow, deliver better service, and reduce costs. Tax cases are processed automatically when possible, and manually only when needed.

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