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A solution that helps industrial companies comply with rules and regulations to prevent fines and reputational damage.

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Today's challenges

Ever-changing compliance regulations

Industrial companies growing in size and complexity face an increased risk of non-compliance due to constantly changing rules and regulations in the sector.

Lack of in-depth industry knowledge

HSEQ managers, who work in manufacturing goods that require handling hazardous materials, struggle to have in-depth knowledge in all areas. Without the specific knowledge, mistakes are made often.

Lack of an efficient reporting system

Industrial organizations struggle to report to the authorities in an efficient and straightforward manner. This situation negatively affects the traceability, process operation and evaluation.

+Compliance Solution

Together with Witteveen+Bos, we have developed the +Compliance Solution that allows industrial organizations to determine which rules are applied to their business process and which actions are needed to stay compliant. Next to that, the tool automatically creates an audit trail to demonstrate to regulators which actions and decisions were taken. 

+Compliance Solution, also:

  • Enhances process efficiency and decreases compliance risks
  • Provides automatic management reports generated from observations
  • Provides a digital dashboard that will prevent data loss when using traditional hardcopy
  • Gives access to a real-time dashboard monitoring for business intelligence and actionable insights
  • Overall, what used to take days to figure out and comply with is now instantly adjustable

+Compliance Solution will save you from...




Damaged reputation

Business closure

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