Streamline complex interactions between customers, employees and systems.

Insurance processes consist of many components, having a direct impact on every insurance case. Including complex interactions between people, investigations, data, systems, and policy application reviews and approval processes. A fully automated process cannot take over completely; humans are always needed in such cases. Therefore, Be Informed has built a solution combining the qualities of humans and automation. We help insurance companies get the best out of their systems and employees.

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Solution Characteristics

Streamline claim processes

Embrace the complexity of handling insurance claims and achieve better results while lowering costs. Claims operations involve complex interactions between people, cases, and rules. By implementing the Be Informed solutions you can increase the efficiency of your workflows.

Increase customer satisfaction

Handle each insurance claim through Dynamic Case Management and automated advice, giving each customer a personalized experience while increasing efficiency.

Handle regulations and stay compliant

Stay up to date with all fast-changing and new regulations, affecting your operations and customers. Be Informed helps you to meet all compliance requirements for every department of your organization. Eliminate operational risks and prevent regulatory sanctions when meeting compliance requirements with Be Informed. 

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Ertuğrul Sezik

Founder Finnova Solutions


AXA GO is a connected car insurance solution with highly personalized customer journeys and personal pricing. Policy holders have access to their personal driving score, insurance rates, security alert, and vehicle information. In order to make the service a reality, AXA Sigorta achieved to integrate 5 different systems with a total of 25 integration points with Be Informed. 

Ertuğrul Sezik, founder of Finnova Solutions, our partner who helped building the AXA GO solution tells us more about the development.

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