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The global trading system is vulnerable. Interruptions could severely damage the entire global economy and the social well-being of nations. As government organizations that control and administer the international movement of goods, Customs authorities are uniquely positioned to provide increased security to the global supply chain and contribute to socio-economic development through revenue collection and trade facilitation. Our solution allows customs agencies to create the most healthy efficient trading environments.

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ITTS Characteristics

Ensuring end-to-end compliance

Screen +1000 sanction lists in real-time

ITTS incorporates the world’s largest compliance database to ensure customs agencies can perform all necessary checks efficiently. We check over 1000 lists of sanctions, regulations, and compliance data every 5 minutes. Mitigating sanctions and export compliance risk is not only possible but also excellent for efficiency.

Predictive analysis

ITTS analyzes hundreds of thousands of documents, much more than any human could process, and interconnects information. For example, all airline, shipper, airport, or cargo appearances across all documents are merged. It continuously reorganizes information based on different behavioral patterns and inspection results. This enables the system to recognize abnormal or suspicious behavior.

It guides customs agents’ attention to suspicious incidents or changes in the behavior of freight forwarders, carriers, or shippers. These warnings allow you to make informed decisions, ask the right inspection questions and request the best supporting documentation. Making you adhere to the WTO TFA Article 7.4 of Risk Management.


Audit trail

While supporting the handling of inspection results, ITTS creates an audit trail of these results to demonstrate compliancy to regulators. The results are fed back into the predictive algorithm in order to improve the Risk Assessment. This way, the system continuously improves and adapts to suspicious behavior patterns, toward the most efficient inspections of cargo and leads to time and cost savings as well as avoids the congestion in the ports to streamline trade flow processes.

Work management capability

Our solution provides customs authorities with a work management capability that enables them to prioritize and select consignments, shipments, and transports based on risk and assign these to the relevant teams for inspection. Inspections will become a lot more efficient!


RIchard van Det

Richard van Det

Richard van Det is manager Digital Cargolabs Schiphol at Cargonaut, a Dutch company managing information flows in airfreight. He tells us about the solution they’re developing based on the Be Informed platform: The Compliance Checker

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The airfreight industry is constantly evolving. One of the developments is the increasing availability of data.

Collecting and making the data accessible to the right parties is an essential part of a faster, better, and smarter flow of goods at, and around, Schiphol Airport.

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