The Future of Freight: a Case Study

The world of logistics is subject to significant development. Unpredictable environments as well as rising customer demands drive digital change and innovation along the supply chain. The future of movement-of-goods is shaped by both new innovations and today's maturing technologies. According to Deloitte , there are three pillars that characterize the logistics of tomorrow: a connected community, the ability for holistic decision making, and the use of intelligent automation. These three pillars will develop further in the coming years and will reinforce each other. Based on a case study of company Cargonaut, we look at what that exactly looks like in this blog.

Cargonaut is a Dutch IT company managing information flows in airfreight. They support international and national logistics service providers in the implementation of their core activities. “As a solution, we deliver complete, reliable and relevant data at the right time via our Information Exchange” according to Cargonaut. “We enrich this data so we’re able to optimize processes and connect them based on agreement systems. Ever-changing rules concerning data are taken into account throughout the process”

Connected Community

Cargonaut is actively pursuing collaborations with various companies and the integration of logistics platforms. Only through these partnerships is it possible to remain competitive with e-commerce giants such as Amazon and digital logistics leaders such as Cainiao. By sharing data within the chain, transaction costs can be reduced and both chain processes and compliance can be simplified. For this, companies must adopt a standardized way of working and draw up protocols. As Cargonaut was recently acquired by Schiphol airport, it enables the IT company to lead industry developments. Collecting data and making it available to the right parties is more and more important to create a faster, better, and smarter flow of goods at and around Schiphol Airport.

Holistic Decision Making

The use of integrated transaction systems such as ERPs, TMS, and WMS is increasingly seen as mission-critical for many large transport companies. However, the strength lies in decreasing the time between data collection and decision making.

An example is solving compliance issues. It is not always easy to ensure that shipments are compliant. By being able to make decisions quickly, the chance of delays and fines is reduced. In this way, both the flow of goods can be assured, and other parties in the chain know where they stand.

The Compliance Checker has been developed using the Be Informed automation platform. With this tool, decisions about compliance can be made quickly. Data is collected centrally from various sources. Afterwards, the platform automatically applies the rules that relate to the specific situation, depending, for example, on the country of arrival and destination. All necessary checks are performed, and reports are generated to serve as evidence during audits.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation plays an important role in the future of freight. Automation is found everywhere in the chain, from autonomous shipping to warehousing robotics, and from drones to road transport. New use of autonomous robotics can be found everywhere.

Not only is the physical flow of goods becoming less and less dependent on the deployment of people. Intelligent automation is also widely used within IT systems. Continuing the previous example of Cargonaut’s Compliance Checker, this system enables smart deployment of a hybrid digital workforce. Much of the compliance checks is handled automatically by intelligent automation. People are deployed when there is no other option: they process cases that appear to be an exception to the rules. They can also do processing that requires human judgment. The ability to utilize the right human or machine for work, depending on de characteristics of the case, can result in great gains in accuracy and processing speed.

Compliance Solutions

Cargonaut has big plans for the future of the Compliance Checker tool: “Our focus is on custom controls right now. Once that is ready, we want to add export controls and sanction lists to the solution. We also want to make the service available to the sea freight industry.”

A solution like the Compliance Checker is not only a powerful asset to a company like Cargonaut. Be Informed also develops smart compliance solutions that are tailor-made for other industries, with strategic solution partners who have extensive domain knowledge. A selection of the features of compliance solutions are:

  • Low-code modelling platform
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Automated decision making
  • Complete insight into decision process
  • Delivers relevant data complete and reliably at the right time
  • Immediate feedback

Would you like to know more about the Compliance Checker solution we built for Cargonaut? Download the case whitepaper and infographic here, or request a demo.

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Source: Deloitte, 2019. How are global shippers evolving to meet tomorrows demand? 

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