Mark Dawber – Employee Spotlight Interview

Get to know the Be informed staff worldwide. We want to share the story of Be Informed through the eyes of our professionals in this spotlight interview with Mark Dawber.

In today’s spotlight interview, we meet Mark Dawber, our Business Development Director at Be Informed UK.

Can you tell us about your time with Be Informed so far?

“I joined Be Informed in the Summer of 2017 to work with the UK team with clients in Financial Services, Defense & Public Sector. We have gradually built up the partner eco-system and delivered some great projects in all these sectors. My role as Business Development Director is to expand these partnerships, find new partners and work more closely with some of our select direct clients.

It’s great working at Be Informed as we bring on more young talent. The future is looking very positive!”

In your opinion, why do you think that modern organizations need the Be Informed platform?

“I’d say speed to market for new products and services. Modeling with the business to quickly deliver a working application, while minimizing the code base, both reduce the complexity of delivering compliant solutions.

Agility in delivering digital services to transform any business, no matter what vertical, is key to not just survival but success. More organizations must cope with migrating from traditional ways of engaging with their target audience and existing client base. It’s key to reduce the burden on the technical estate and the support it needs.”

How do you usually describe the possibilities of Be Informed solutions to people in your network?

“Intelligent agile automation. A platform to swiftly deliver working applications in line with business requirements, through low-code models and an open-source agile accelerator.”

What’s something most people don’t know about the Be Informed platform that you want to share?

“For me, it’s the release of the pattern engine to speed development time, and the consumption of spreadsheets to quickly map processes that already exist.

These two things bring the ability to map corporate knowledge, while filling in the gap in the visibility of compliance. This aids organizations in starting the journey of getting ahead of regulations, rather than chasing their shirttails!”

In your opinion, what are the problems that the Be Informed Platform can solve?

“That’s a big question – I think we need to take a step back and consider how, not what. If you can articulate a problem and understand it within its context, then it can be modelled and deployed as a stateless service by Be Informed.

However, IT architecture is complex with legacy investments to be considered. I think our approach of mapping MVP for the business, getting this to generate value, and then iteratively deliver more capability every 2-4 weeks, works very well.”

Lastly, we would like to know what makes you passionate about working at Be informed and with the Be Informed technology?

“The team are passionate about the platform and have not just exceptional technical skills but also people skills as well. Yes, there can be a certain direct nature from my Dutch colleagues, but it is rarely taken with anything other than good intent.

The platform improves with every new release and the consistency and quality of the software are reassuring. If only they could get to grips with what they put in the sandwiches, then a visit to the head office would be something to look forward to!”

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