Modernize and Embrace Complexity

How complexity influences your organization

In the past weeks we discussed complexity, introduced three dimensions of complexity and helped you assess your own organization. This week we want to share how Be Informed can help your journey to embracing complexity.

In our last blog on complexity, we will discuss how to modernize your organization and embrace complexity. You may want to assess your organization’s complexity here before continuing. Embracing complexity is something essential if your organization wants to take the next step and get a head start on your competitors. We will focus specifically on how using the Be Informed platform can help your organization to embrace complexity.

Embrace complexity with Be Informed

Be Informed is an agile accelerator for digital development, built to support complex administrative and often less-structured processes that require a knowledge-intensive approach. In other words, through intelligent automation, we aim to have our technology automate as much as possible enabling your employees to create value elsewhere. For example, by automating an insurance customer journey through your website, you will fully personalize a customer’s journey. This enables the employees normally supporting this process to have more time and therefore deliver more value to customers. Not only does this often increase job satisfaction by removing the boring parts of one’s job, it also increases customer value.

Be Informed based solutions contain all the elements necessary to support business processes end to end and manage all the interactions, decisions, events and assets involved. Moreover, our partner ecosystem is focused on translating our partner’s unrivalled domain expertise into Be Informed based applications. 

With the Be Informed business process platform, you can modernize your organization and embrace complexity in and around your organization, whether it is dynamic, social or emerging complexity.

Dynamic complexity

Be Informed recognizes it is often no longer possible to describe every single combination of process steps. Depending on your organization, you may face millions to billions of different combinations that are subjected to constant change. More traditional business process automation solutions, RPA or workflow automation solutions may work in very simple cases with a few combinations yet become unmanageable once organizations want to create more value out of their automation process.

With the Be Informed platform the dynamic nature of all these combinations is taken into account by focusing on the case itself. Through intelligent automation each case is quickly processed by focusing on the necessary activities to complete this particular case. This is like artificial intelligence, however, through our platform it is always possible to retrace each case separately ensuring transparency, compliance, and auditability. Moreover, this is entirely achieved through a no-code method significantly reducing time to market. Be Informed does not distinguish between straight-through processes and manual processes. Cases are handled straight-through where possible, and manually where necessary.

Social complexity

While social complexity often occurs outside of an organization’s circle of influence it can certainly be manged through intelligent automation. Moreover, it lays at the foundation of one of the most important design principles of Be Informed, namely separating “the know” from “the flow”.

We define “the know” as all business rules, pre- and postconditions that may govern the activities. Combining this with our platform’s intelligent automation capabilities, Be Informed can process a significant number of cases automatically. If extra input is required, it will automatically request manual input of verification to finalise the case ensuring consistent compliance.

We define the “flow” as all the logic for managing all the interactions, decisions, events and assets which are built into a product. This means that IT can concentrate on the flow, ensuring scalability, performance and manageability of the platform, while the business users are responsible for maintaining the business rules themselves. Business users can handle any changing stakeholder requirement, including regulatory compliance, in business rules by themselves without requiring IT assistance. Changes in business rules immediately affect the business process. The model of business rules and activities actually equals the application and also equals the documentation. Clearly defining the conditions within the platform means no need for endless discussions among stakeholders.

Emerging complexity

Of course, there are always exceptions in which straight-through or manual completion is not possible, however, since intelligent automation has processed the majority of cases, an organization’s workplace can focus on delivering value where it is most required. Moreover, it enables organization to further leverage the in-house knowledge to create more business rules within the platform to increase the automation even further. These business rules can be simulated and tested before they are put into practice.

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You have read about the different complexities, have assessed your organization and seen how Be Informed can help you with each of these complexities. We want to help you embrace complexity and modernize your organization! Get in touch with us by going here to request a demo or read more about our platform and solutions across our website. You can also stay tuned by signing up below or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop at all times.

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