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Adhere to compliance rules with the Compliance Checker

The airfreight industry is constantly evolving. One of the developments is the increasing availability of data. Collecting data and making it available to the right parties is more and more important to create a faster, better, and smarter flow of goods at and around Schiphol Airport. Mark Engel is PO Outbound of Cargonaut, a Dutch company managing information flows in airfreight, and tells us about the solution they’re developing with Be Informed: The Compliance Checker.

Enriching data to optimize processes

Cargonaut supports international and national logistics service providers in the implementation of their core activities. “Unfortunately, available data isn’t always the information needed to organize the flow of goods more effectively and efficiently. As a solution, we deliver complete, reliable and relevant data at the right time via our Information Exchange. We enrich this data so we’re able to optimize processes and connect them based on agreement systems. Ever-changing rules concerning data are taken into account throughout the process.

Compliance Checker sets the example

A specific solution we’re working on is the Compliance Checker. With this service, we help the airfreight community to adhere to compliance rules. The Compliance Checker supports making shipment complaints at an early stage. This will ultimately lead to fewer delays and fewer fines. It creates an advantage for both the flow of goods and the affiliated chain parties.

Be Informed Cargonaut

Collaboration with Be Informed

To develop this service, we chose Be Informed. Be Informed offers a platform for the automation of knowledge-intensive processes, specializing in automated applications of large numbers of complex business rules to specific cases. Moreover, Be Informed has the ability to add or adjust new rules quickly, effectively, and easily.

In the test period, Be Informed has proven their ability to deal with various use cases swiftly and in a structured manner. Furthermore, they also offer a stable platform, good references, specialized employees and all at a fair price. Almost all compliance depends on business rules. These rules can be applied perfectly and rapidly on Be Informed’s Intelligent Automation platform.”

Background of Be Informed

Geert Rensen from Be Informed adds: “Be Informed is very happy with the collaboration with Cargonaut. The combination of our platform and the knowledge of specialists from the aviation community make the Compliance Checker a powerful tool. It will save organizations significant time, money and worries. In practice, we recognize that – often scarce – specialists have to be involved to guarantee an organization is fully compliant. This is a complex and time-consuming process requiring a lot of manual work.

The Be Informed platform is developed to automatically proof all operational facets are compliant with relevant rules. By applying the correct rules to specific situations, all necessary checks are carried out and reports are generated, serving as evidence during inspections. In this way, digital processes are accelerated and simplified, and employees can spend their time on activities that require qualities only humans can bring to the table.”

Future of the Compliance Checker

Cargonaut’s Mark Engel concludes: “We have big plans for the future. Our focus is on custom controls right now. Once that’s ready, we want to add export controls and sanction lists to the solution. We also want to make the service available to the sea freight industry. The primary focus is on Schiphol Airport, but we don’t limit our efforts. We certainly don’t ignore international opportunities!”

Be Informed Cargonaut

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